Tuesday, October 30, 2007

When Every Day Is Christmas.

Presents are all year round joys to my way of thinking . I see an item,think of a friend , buy and send . No waiting for December or that one day called a birthday .
Today it was my turn [well almost ]. In the post an invitation to a spectacular Fur Fashion Show on Friday evening ! Yes I accepted . Then came a call from Potsdam to inform me that my sensational lingerie orders had arrived .This and so much more have made today special . Life is lovely . The above coats are about to be reunited with yours truly.Hope your day was as good .
BVFL ( wfm) and finding it at every turn .

Monday, October 29, 2007

One Freudian Way To Start The Day .

To start the day this way is pretty good.[ok,I'm aware of better ways] However ,finding good bacon hasn't been easy .On a scale of 1-10 this ranked 7 . Still couldn't get it super crispy . The fried egg was an additional tasty decadence.It was a 'must have' in my Freudian Fry creation . Just look and mmmmm.
The weather is rather cold , very sunny and with this 'fuel' intake who knows what can be achieved ?
ps )I think what's really needed is a personal bacon sarnie maker . Applications in writing . Must have GBCFV honours . Salary open to negotiation .

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Take Three Ladies !

My camera is always at the ready so late this afternoon I made these shots . Three totally different outfits and the same number of ladies . Yes, you've guessed I called in at my favourite shop . The costume is a very small size with a mini skirt. Swimming and cycling havĂ­ng made the wearing of such very much an option . With my long black boots this feels great . The photograph doesn't do justice to the young lady in the evening outfit . She looked a million euro ! As for the fur ..looks fabulous on another foxy lady and yes ,she wore it to go home on her bicycle .
As the words of the song go :-
'I enjoy being a girl ' and so it seems do others !

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TransVixed .

Last Saturday on my way out I saw the most beautiful sight . A flock of geese flying low in characteristic V formation. The sun had set thus they appeared as black silhouettes against the early night sky.Their cries had me spellbound , so much so that the chance to take a photo was lost.I was,(deliberate error) 'Transvixed.'
On a SW route to Africa and warmer climes they knew Winter is almost here and no amount of denial can alter it . Next week I'll call the furrier and request my coats from storage . Today in brilliant sunshine and low temperatures I went out on my bike wearing my little fur jacket, mid calf skirt and boots . Hardly trekking gear but fine for the shops etc . Very warm too . Here you see me at Theodor Heuss Platz . The second shot is of Marc. A fun American who is studying here,we got talking outside the store. He took my photo and will be adding to his web entry. Hence I'm doing like wise .Between us we covered so many topics from ,no smoking to GW Bush .. oh the list was endless.
ps) wonder where those geese are now ?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday's Vix is Rosy Cheeked,

A very cold day, with bitter winds yet blinding sun.Ideal for getting in shape .
Rode to Alt Kladow and then took the ferry . Lots of sailing today. From Wannsee to Potsdam,via the Gleinicker Bridge. A very well known spot for exchanging spies during the cold war,it was closed to all but military and diplomatic after the construction of the Berlin wall. Hence it was fun standing at the half way mark. Looking back from the Potsdam end there's a superb view. Later ,fuel intake with a difference. Beef soup cooked with cream and cheese. It put more than a tiger in this Vixen's tank.
A trek of 53km .But for those ghastly head winds would have done more .
[No need for blusher on a day like today]

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sinking The Bismarck

As you know ,one of my beliefs is best summed up as GFGSGT .(See earlier posts )
A true aphrodisiac for yours truly being a delicious bacon sandwich .Yet as bacon is not something the Germans eat in quantities ,all that one finds is a meat which never goes crisp. So imagine the 'torture 'when I was sent the above picture of my idea of Ambrosia .One terrific bacon and sausage sarnie .Thanks to the sender. Tonight though I have my revenge by posting the other photo. Rump steak served topped with a fried egg . This 'combi' is not usually on the menu at Verona's but so keen was the waiter to grant my wish he cooked the egg himself and just how I like it .. SERVICE !
We were told that this is referred to as steak Bismarck .
Tell you what,it gave a whole new meaning to Sinking the Bismarck . Yummy

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good and Evil ....Read On .

As one of the many critics of G W Bush I'm now here to say ,'Well done' for again arranging a meeting with the Dalai Lama. Also for awarding him an honour .
The following are direct quotes from the Chinese Foreign Minister in Beijing:-
"We solemnly demand that the U.S. cancel the extremely wrong arrangements,It seriously violates the norm of international relations and seriously wounded the feelings of the Chinese people and interfered with China's internal affairs."
A lot more wrath has been spewed forth by these individuals and as usual the petty and nasty retaliations have begun.
This oppressive and brutal government ,founded with a fair amount of genocide needs to concern itself with internal politics and humanity . Their loathing of all faiths illustrates how much fear of 'good' they actually have . Thus they chose to demonize a man who is truly one of the worlds greatest humans . The Dalai Lama.
How many others think as I do ,when it comes to the following ?
China should not be hosting the Olympic Games and needs to realize that their wealth isn't due to the communist party but to many big western industries who have their goods manufactured there by what is little better than slave labour. [The mere sight of those words made in China is a purchase stopper for me .]

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Windswept Foxy Lady .

Today was glorious weather if a tad cool but believe me riding 51km is warm work ! That,plus a strong head brings a glow to your cheeks. I came in ,shed all clothes , stood under the shower then relaxed in my favourite place .Who cares about hair etc .
[what you can't see is the fur blanket covering my delicate feet].
ps ) Why I wonder does the wind ALWAYS change direction when one returns .. creating yet again a head wind ? Hmmmmmmmm

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gatow / Kladow Ferry / Wannsee

Today my route went through Gatow .The strange sign re 'Brain Machine Studio' has left me wondering. For now there is just the photograph as proof I actually saw this. Could they,I wonder,help certain rather pathetic politicians ?
Then after a somewhat hilly journey came Kladow and the Ferry over to Wannsee.You can use your BVG bus ticket,it has places for 25 bikes so I was fine . The crossing takes about 20 minutes. [Coffee is available.] Whilst waiting I was greeted by these sensational swans . Once at Wannsee the routes to return are many and varied . I chose to ride through the forest emerging at the Funkturm.( Red Riding Hood eat your heart out ) . Down to Da Nadinos where a wicked wolf fed me a chocolate...Naughty but nice. Then to Schoeller Books. Finally Zaim's for a marvellous Lebanese take away . After 40km no way was I going to start cooking !

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tour De France ? No - Tour De Vix .

A wonderful cartoon spotted today in the window of my favourite eatery Da Nadino.[See posting 14th July 2007.]You don't have to speak German to get the humour.ADAC is the German AA . The rest is clear. What a training ground for my forthcoming trek.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

A String Of Pearls ...No, Two .

On the 3rd October I mentioned two fabulous lingerie boutiques in Potsdam.
Yesterday found me there and oh, did I have fun ! The choice was sensational and it was a very happy Miss Vixen who rode home . Above you can see a few of the items I bought . This is very much a 'set the mood' nightdress , more so when worn with the pearl string !! Indeed so beautiful is this ivory outfit it can be worn as a dress .
From an early age I've coordinated not just visible accessories ,but undies.Thus it was especially pleasing to find the dark brown series. Perfect under mink.
Yes,I did get more and have some specials on order .....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

'Suffer the Little Childen '.

Oh how these words take on a whole new 'unholy' meaning with you G W Bush [thou of the belief you're God's agent ]. For you they can simply suffer. Hardly good advertising for the Almighty .
On Wednesday there was that veto of a bill which would have expanded children's health insurance . All done in private too. Why ?
Your opinion 'the sum would be too great not to mention ,you, Mr Rich Guy, want only private ´health care !
Nice work if you can get it Mr, but for those who are poor or with any form of disability ... mission impossible !
As for money wasted --- let me say 'Iraq' , let me say 'Afghanistan' .
You've screwed the world up big time and for what ? Your Pa and his cronies with their very big , very dirty business . Hail Haliburton.
Keep seeing pictures of you with one arm outstretched sort of raised . Funny that . Another unpleasant character in history used to appear so. Indeed there are many very famous writers and church leaders who see more than a fleeting similarity between you two, especially in your behaviour. Know who I mean ?
[And, err no,it's not Jesus blessing the multitude ]

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Journey And A Destination.

'Success is a journey, not a destination.'
Ben Sweetland

These words are a great philosophy for life and more .
Right now I'm getting myself in shape for a solo cycle trek.
In short this means a lot of hard work, [see yesterday's post ]
Today the sun shone upon Berlin making The Day Of German Unity that much lovelier.With an Autumn nip in the air, a suitably clad Foxy Lady set off for Kladow Ferry, took a wrong turning and ended up in Potsdam. A journey of 26km from her 'den'. Also not quite as flat as the rest of Berlin . Throughout the journey I saw so much. One delightful discovery,The Russian Colony Alexandrovsky, built in 1825 and now a UNESCO world heritage site is a terrific spot to take a break for coffee plus indulge yourself in Borscht and Pelmeni . The menu is so fabulous I know this will become a regular training route . Once in Potsdam the shops proved tempting. Two sensational lingerie boutiques especially .
Guess where I'm heading back to ?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Foxy Lady In The Saddle .

After a week of little in the way of hard exercise [due to circumstances beyond my control] I'm back in the saddle ! Swimming will resumed next Monday but as from today, endurance training on my bike commenced .I've to work towards 50km per day until this is as easy as walking across the road.
Then begins my challenge .. But more of that later.