Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday's Vix is Rosy Cheeked,

A very cold day, with bitter winds yet blinding sun.Ideal for getting in shape .
Rode to Alt Kladow and then took the ferry . Lots of sailing today. From Wannsee to Potsdam,via the Gleinicker Bridge. A very well known spot for exchanging spies during the cold war,it was closed to all but military and diplomatic after the construction of the Berlin wall. Hence it was fun standing at the half way mark. Looking back from the Potsdam end there's a superb view. Later ,fuel intake with a difference. Beef soup cooked with cream and cheese. It put more than a tiger in this Vixen's tank.
A trek of 53km .But for those ghastly head winds would have done more .
[No need for blusher on a day like today]

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