Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sinking The Bismarck

As you know ,one of my beliefs is best summed up as GFGSGT .(See earlier posts )
A true aphrodisiac for yours truly being a delicious bacon sandwich .Yet as bacon is not something the Germans eat in quantities ,all that one finds is a meat which never goes crisp. So imagine the 'torture 'when I was sent the above picture of my idea of Ambrosia .One terrific bacon and sausage sarnie .Thanks to the sender. Tonight though I have my revenge by posting the other photo. Rump steak served topped with a fried egg . This 'combi' is not usually on the menu at Verona's but so keen was the waiter to grant my wish he cooked the egg himself and just how I like it .. SERVICE !
We were told that this is referred to as steak Bismarck .
Tell you what,it gave a whole new meaning to Sinking the Bismarck . Yummy

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