Monday, May 31, 2010

Miss Vixen's Kitchen .

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Should you,:-
a ) want to be healthy, b) prepare an interesting meal with ultra minimum time effort and expense. Or maybe both. If so look above and read on .

Starter :- seaweed salad with sesame sauce and kimchi ( optional )

Main course :- One pkt Ruccola (rocket salad ) washed and dried,with 100g shrimp , 4 or 5 chopped cherry tomatoes , three chopped sun dried tomatoes, tbsp pine nuts , 3 chopped spring onions, half sliced avocado, lime juice , balsamico cream dressing to taste AND 6 fresh scallops . ( lightly season then cook for 1 min each side in a little hot butter or olive oil .)
It's simplicity and simply delicious .

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vivre la Musique , Vivre la Culture.

To date , this week has been one round of music ,books and art . On Sunday there was the great parade at Berlin's Carnival of Culture. It was packed and oh so lively, with great food , music and fun for all . Monday marked the start of the VI .International Organ Improvisations Festival at the Kaiser Wilhelm Ged├Ąchtnis Kirche in Berlin. With a different programme each night , plus organ workshops during the day it's been a time challenge but worthwhile . Then a packet arrived containing Book Of Clouds by Chloe Aridjis. This lives up to the reviews and all I can add is ..if you don't know Berlin, buy this book , read and you'll be arranging your flight. If , on the other hand ,you are familiar with this unusual city ,buy the novel, read and note " yes it is just so ". A sensational work ,it's already had me miss stops on the UBahn . Last night down to the Kleine Weltlaterne for more music .Otto Hamborg and the Very Special Viertakter , were but three yet dynamic as ever. Two small takes from their programme .Will add more to YouTube . Tonight ..... a French organist is playing so, vivre la France ,vivre la musique,vivre la culture! Et vivre Berlin .

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Elegance Of The Hedgehog.

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The most wonderful film I've ever seen . Based on the book,'The Elegance Of The Hedgehog' by Muriel Barberry ,it's simply beautiful and no words can describe the superb casting , acting and camera work. I wont spoil it for you but report that here is a movie where one is drawn in and experiences every emotion. Set in an elegant Parisian apartment block it centres around the lives and interaction of three characters who live there. Renee a middle aged woman, and Paloma ,a twelve year old girl. Both misfits within their respective 'worlds' they have much in common and then along comes Mr Ozu a Japanese man. Never a fan of blockbusters, it's small films such as this that do it for me. Having seen the original version with German subtitles this much I can say .. I'll view again. Look out for it and let me know your views .For sure , the characters will remain with you when the movie is over . Well they have with me since hedgehogs and foxes have a special relationship ! Happy cinema going .

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Magic of Mist

When, with the best of intentions,you set about your long overdue work, it's great. When however ,you find yourself side tracked by the magical appearance of mist ,beware. For many it's merely low cloud ,others a curse since this silvery grey chiffon shroud swirls around obliterating the sky,sun.and landmarks. To this 'club' I do not belong. Not so much a thief, rather a talented window dresser, mist had slowly enveloped Berlin's steely structure,the Funkturm, to create a spectre. See the viewings for May Day weekend and compare . No panoramic view from the top today but a trigger to my favourite childhood story ,The Bowl Of Mist. "A hill full a hole full but you cannot get a bowl full."
Which leaves me with two thoughts :-

a)The joy of seeing something again is often enhanced by our temporary loss.

b) I wonder if the Berlin Tourist board would try a first by creating a Mist Dome made using this landmark .
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Sushi and Swimming Save The Day .

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After one truly punishing winter , not to mention a nightmare relocation a certain Ms Vixen had gained more than a couple of kilo ! Better later than never, sushi , salads and the swimming season are showing signs of saving the day and body . Yesterday it was a terrific feeling to find myself able to wear this costume once again . Then out on the town with eyes that no longer see cake , chocolate , ice cream etc . Another saviour is rucola salad . Rinse well , tip into a large bowl , add chopped tomatoes , spring onions and a tablespoon of pine nuts . Balsamic dressing to taste and voila ! A light , healthy but satisfying meal . Curves I like , extra kilo not .

Sunday, May 16, 2010

'Alive ,Alive' at Molly Malone's Berlin.

Last weekend I was in Ireland, for a much needed break . This Saturday it was Molly Malone's a great place here in Berlin . As the name indicates it's Irish ,with flair,bar,food,great acts [ Kat Baloun] for example,one fantastic musician. She appeared with London Philips a fellow American and both were terrific

This place also gives open stage for musical talent and stand up comedy .Guess who's hoping to give that a whirl ? So ok should I get pelted with tomatoes ,they'll do to make soup . Interested in Molly Malone's ? Here's the web site:-

To add even more flavour to the evening I indulged in Guinness,full all day Irish breakfast then bread and butter pudding ! Fit for a Panasonic Princess .

Friday, May 14, 2010

Exactly Like You

What a terrific song this is and oh how I wish it were possible to play tha drums exactly like Meinolf 'Cookie' Saggel .

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

'Express' Yourself With Music.

Ireland And Back In Magic Boots .

I've just got back from Ireland where thanks to my boots walking miles [seemingly on air] was an option. Aer Lingus got me there and back minus any volcanic ash and the sun shone each day over a lush green landscape surrounded by shimmering sea . Here's a little video made from stills. The last shot is of two Russian girls diverted to Berlin from Paris .Last night we had a fabulous ride into Berlin on our delayed train .Why fabulous ? A YouTube Video will show, as indeed will another as to why no drummer on earth has competition in the shape of Miss V.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thought for today.

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Age is an issue of mind over matter . If you don't mind , it doesn't matter.

Mark Twain

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What A Load Of Taramasalata

So the Greeks ( not the greatest economy on earth ) riot , protest , and demand hand outs for free. Then , having secured such at the expense of other EU countries where work has a meaning they have the audacity to riot again and chant.:-
'Never ! We will never pay for the EU and IMF'.
Fine say I . Let's see the EU withdraw the billions loaned and tell them , to go sell their olives , sheep's cheese and taramasalata and see how bankruptcy feels.
Having read the proposed austerity measures I have to say lucky them . Most countries within the system already live with such . Keep on rioting you certainly show how any loan is an error and ,you help the British Pound .

Up and Down The Funkturm


I tend to get carried away at times and mix my languages.It's a part of me just as this camera is getting to be . The ride to the top of the Funkturm is fun and the view, simply breathtaking. Note the abundance of forest in this city .

Monday, May 03, 2010

How Was It For You ?

May Day in Berlin can be chaotic but mine was only so in as much as lots was seen and experienced . First a lazy start , then out to test cameras .The collage is made up of shots near to where I live . Look at that close up of the top of the Funkturm made possible by the Lumix DMC TZ10.Then the view over the radio buildings from the top of the tower.The blue structure remains a mystery to me. It's to be found in the centre of Theodor Heuss Platz. Then a shot of three words set in stone under the eternal flame. Translated they are freedom, justice , peace ! Musts if we want a democratic society .The image of me by a rather odd ad for an ever odder exhibition was taken with a Sanyo . Later off to the A Train Jazz Club .....No picture of that but of the Deutsche Opera where Sunday began with a sensational Jazz brunch .
So how was May Day for you ?

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Two Of A Kind

My first house warming present and maybe my only, but for sure nothing could be more apt or lovely. BVFL has been given a picture which illustrates how suited she is to her 'title'.

The eyes of the vixen follow you where ever you go .She doesn't miss a thing . Like I said , extremely apt. A very big thank you to one who clearly knows me so well ! A marvellous May Day weekend . More of which later.

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