Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vivre la Musique , Vivre la Culture.

To date , this week has been one round of music ,books and art . On Sunday there was the great parade at Berlin's Carnival of Culture. It was packed and oh so lively, with great food , music and fun for all . Monday marked the start of the VI .International Organ Improvisations Festival at the Kaiser Wilhelm Ged├Ąchtnis Kirche in Berlin. With a different programme each night , plus organ workshops during the day it's been a time challenge but worthwhile . Then a packet arrived containing Book Of Clouds by Chloe Aridjis. This lives up to the reviews and all I can add is ..if you don't know Berlin, buy this book , read and you'll be arranging your flight. If , on the other hand ,you are familiar with this unusual city ,buy the novel, read and note " yes it is just so ". A sensational work ,it's already had me miss stops on the UBahn . Last night down to the Kleine Weltlaterne for more music .Otto Hamborg and the Very Special Viertakter , were but three yet dynamic as ever. Two small takes from their programme .Will add more to YouTube . Tonight ..... a French organist is playing so, vivre la France ,vivre la musique,vivre la culture! Et vivre Berlin .

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