Monday, May 31, 2010

Miss Vixen's Kitchen .

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Should you,:-
a ) want to be healthy, b) prepare an interesting meal with ultra minimum time effort and expense. Or maybe both. If so look above and read on .

Starter :- seaweed salad with sesame sauce and kimchi ( optional )

Main course :- One pkt Ruccola (rocket salad ) washed and dried,with 100g shrimp , 4 or 5 chopped cherry tomatoes , three chopped sun dried tomatoes, tbsp pine nuts , 3 chopped spring onions, half sliced avocado, lime juice , balsamico cream dressing to taste AND 6 fresh scallops . ( lightly season then cook for 1 min each side in a little hot butter or olive oil .)
It's simplicity and simply delicious .


Mr Fat Bastard said...

looks good enough to eat

miss_vixen said...

That must be why I ate it lol BTW ,it was very good .ps) what an unusual name you have