Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Support Registered European Taxi Drivers

I caught the tail end and am glad I managed it .Basically European , registered taxi drivers who know their job,believe me I've seen what they have to learn ... are under threat from an IT firm based in US  (where else ) This company has designed an App which by passes the system here ... Today Taxi drivers in Berlin , London and Paris  united in a show of solidarity and I for one support them .
They do a great job , and not for a fortune, are extremely honest and abide by the laws . Twice I have come across , none registered and have left the cab at my request .  The best tariff is that where a driver knows his stuff and takes you from A to B in the quickest time . He needs to know a city for this .
Also one who takes you irrespective of how short your journey is ... Good luck to all the men and women who put on a grand, united parade today . May we all unite and support them .
* seems a lot of support is with the men and women who drive a taxi here .Odd thing is the comments I've had on my YT upload are not showing ..Is this yet another Ap .Little would surprise me.