Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crazy Upside Down House In Germany .

If your Saturday has been as strange as mine then 'Lucky You '. Miss V, Helena Mikas merged into an 'Alice in Wonderland' figure at this amazing Upside Down House in Trassenheide ,Usedom Germany . As you'll see from the video, all things were possible and never has cleaning been so much fun ! Washing hair and jumping around were curious if not bizarre . What fun. Herr Paul who helped design this place is amazing and his eye for detail and illusion is superb. For a superb experience it takes some beating.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Route 66 With Otto Hamborg and The 5pezielleTakter

Route 66 is a very well known number but this rendition takes some beating . Heard at Die Eins on Sunday it gave me and many more a buzz.
My tip :- If you are planning a Berlin City break do try and combine with a live performance .

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The BVG Strike 18th February 2012

Yesterday the BVG went on strike from early morning until 19:00hr .As usual fair warning was given and the SBahn kept on working since this is a part of the DB .
Q) Do I support such action ? A )100% yes. Q) Why my support ? A) The workers at the BVG are not just good, they are excellent and provide a round the clock punctual service, with I may add ,intelligence, courtesy and manners .
Q) So what's special about this ? A) They make it possible to live minus a car and even the most elderly,incapacitated person can get out and about . They also deal effeciently with the undesirables who at times seek to upset other passengers.
Q) So why is this so wonderful ? A) It's wonderful to travel home in the early hours on public transport with no sense of danger .As a matter of fact when I made a list of reasons as to why I should make Berlin my home , BVG was number one reason .They take pride in their work and represent what is good about Germany.I have no need to run a car.
Q) Do I know what they earn ? A) No but whatever it's not a fortune with expenses , and golden handshakes .
Q) Why talk of golden handshakes ? A) This strike on the 18th came one day after the resignation of the German President .
It took this man long enough to depart and for sure he was not representing the best of Germany . His enormous salary had amazing perks and privilege. What is more , this post is such that even when no longer President the lavish salary and perks continue for the individual's life .
Could one BVG worker say such ? Indeed could any ordinary employee ? As has been seen, many disgraced politicians have little to fear .They get an even better paid position within the EU plus wondrous perks. Today I had to laugh on hearing a song entitled 'Money's Getting Cheaper', played at a Jazz Brunch
Q) So what am I saying here ? A) That minus the people who vote, no government can be in power. That should read No government can serve . Sadly few even consider the public once they are elected . save to tell them there is no money and they must do without . My point is, as long as those at the top get such payments ( for life ) expenses and goods , then all have the right to strike for a decent wage .In reality best that all are paid as the public and once no longer in the post , no more payment . Those disgraced should go immediately as indeed ordinary people have to . On no account should tarnished politicians or public figures be appointed to the EU. Who knows, such measures could increase the value of money.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

62nd International Film Festival Berlin.

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Having missed the first week of the flim festival it was great to be able to get tickets for five films .
The images above show which. I enjoyed all save for the last. Un Mundo Secreto ,made in Mexico was extremely repetitive and featured so much indiscriminate sex it had one yawning .
The others were all excellent and I for one am hoping DVD's will be available . My favourite? Wandeukyi ( Punch). Made in Korea this film has the lot and I can recommend . Superb casting , life and humour it's a winner .
So if any one has wondered why I haven't been posting here's the answer . Getting tickets, fitting into one's routine then criss crossing the city between the cinemas is time consuming but enormous fun . February is not a wonderful month weather wise so why not make a note to visit the Berlin Ineternational Film Festival next year .

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dr Feelgood in Berlin 2012. (German tour)

Thursday night was 'Dr Feelgood' night and oh did they bring 'heat' to a bitterly cold city when they played to a packed house at Quasimodo.The event was made even more of such by John 'The Big Figure Martin' on drums .A fact not taken up by the rolling credits. So let's hear it for John . Take a look at their link on my blog. These guys are on the road so much it's absolutely astonishing how they find the energy. Sadly Germany only gets to see them every two years. France, Switzerland etc are luckier . Final words :-
When I see Dr Feelgood ,I feel good and proud to be British .They are the tops .

Monday, February 06, 2012

Breaking the Ice On the Spree

The coat does my figure no favours but it did keep me warm as I spent hours down along the River Spree which was so iced over that at regular intervals a boat came to break it up . When this happened huge slabs of ice came rolling along in a domino effect .I have called this an Icenami . I wouldn't have swapped these few hours for any warmer clime . Look at the sky , the sun, the beauty. It has the lot . Including deliberate spelling error .Can you spot it ?

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Berlin's Big Freeze

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The movie says it all and yes it was fun . I for one actually prefer this to sweltering summer . Spot the error and let me know . Now I know why Friedrich Hundertwasser had so much fun with this concept .