Saturday, February 18, 2012

62nd International Film Festival Berlin.

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Having missed the first week of the flim festival it was great to be able to get tickets for five films .
The images above show which. I enjoyed all save for the last. Un Mundo Secreto ,made in Mexico was extremely repetitive and featured so much indiscriminate sex it had one yawning .
The others were all excellent and I for one am hoping DVD's will be available . My favourite? Wandeukyi ( Punch). Made in Korea this film has the lot and I can recommend . Superb casting , life and humour it's a winner .
So if any one has wondered why I haven't been posting here's the answer . Getting tickets, fitting into one's routine then criss crossing the city between the cinemas is time consuming but enormous fun . February is not a wonderful month weather wise so why not make a note to visit the Berlin Ineternational Film Festival next year .

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