Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brown and the Brown Noses of Westminster

The Daily Telegraph has done an amazing public service and now we are privy to the truth. Indeed we could paper a lot of rooms using WANTED posters . Yet has it made one jot of difference to these arrogant MP's ? No , no a thousand times no.
We now have Brown defending members of his cabinet and Cameron stating that anyone can make an error involving over 11000 pounds ! Mr C could that be due to them also attending Eton ? Old boy networks and such .. See the latest news on Tory whip Bill Wiggin .
Seems a lot of errors have been made by those who claim to be running the country and our lives . Aren't you glad they don't drive buses or fly planes? Errors or not ,tell me one other job that allows you to claim your mortage interest , brand new luxury fittings and home improvements as the whim takes you ? Plus a rather large monthly food allowance .You name it, they have taken it .Why ? Because it was all so easy .We the tax paying public didn't know of their home made extremely lucrative ,secret system ,the very system they now blame for their errors ,oversights ,confusion. System my eye .It was greed and theft on a grand scale .
We have seen Martin resign as speaker of the house , but as well as remaining until 21st June ,this odius and very guilty creature has set out reforms . As big a joke as his corpulent frame ! Enough to make you laugh so much you could be in need of a panty liner but a caution here ,as a none MP, you can't claim for such. Then we have the spectacle of Ha Ha Harman saying how the rules must be re written and obeyed . Sorry it's all a massive load of horse manure !
This Nuremberg syndrome is too much . Let's get rid of this bunch of thieves and fraudsters . None have said sorry . None have returned the goods we the public paid for . It will merely continue and I for one object to even 1p of my tax ( yes I still pay to this not so great country ) going to these brown nosed liars .
A Parliament run by the very few who who were honest would be a cleaner and trustworthy house . Respected by all at home and abroad. As it is British politics simply stinks .
Were the Nazis allowed to run the trial at Nuremberg themselves ? Clearly not .
Why should this bunch be allowed to be their own judge and jury ?

ps ) I repeat now something I read on the web . Let's hope the next step for the Daily Telegraph is the European Parliament .

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Storks and Nature Around Berlin,

This wonderful haven is on the outskirts of Berlin Lichtenberg. It's a nature sanctuary with so much and the bonus is that storks nest there each year . To watch these amazing birds I could only wonder at their grace and style . They arrive each year from South Africa add to the nest , lay between four or five eggs which they tend with care . Once hatched the youngsters are well fed by the parents and learn how to fly . The sanctuary rings all baby storks for tracking purposes . What is amazing is that the little ones literally fly the nest , minus parents and ,with an astonishing ' inbuilt ' system fly off to South Africa . Mature birds leave later . How do they know the way ? If you are in Berlin before the end of July this is a place I can recommend . The staff are friendly , have so much knowledge not to mention time for visitors . Or you can simply relax watching and listening to a 'first class symphony by nature' :- Here is a link to the Lichtenberg information site [in english ] They give a further link to the Malchow sanctuary this is in German though .

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gundling, Kaiserin Victoria at Bornstedt .

Last week I did something for the first time ... bought flowers for a man !
OK , a very much deceased person but one for whom I have admiration . No grave was to be found , merely a rather splendid epitaph ,so the small bouquet was left in the church at Bornstedt near to Potsdam . A place well worth a visit and very much so because of links to the English monarchy ..It is open each weekday until 5pm with helpers to answer questions. Sunday service is on a rota basis with other small places of worship.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Westminster Epidemic [Swine Fever MP Strain]

Britain has Swine Fever .A very virulent variety and those infected appear to have one thing in common..... all are in politics. The symptoms manifest an unusual greed only for the best of everything ,ability to tell lies so marked it makes the devil himself appear angelic . Add to this ,a marked tendency towards parasitic behaviour and the vision is anything but glorious . Furthermore it's crossed the Irish Sea and some very notable formally infamous members of the IRA are now troughing with the best, whilst claiming this is their right . As one born in Manchester ,[a city bombed by these creeps I beg to take issue ] Yes it's fever to the left , fever to the right and as ever those wets the Liberals are infected -
Let's make them hand all and I do mean all back , from bath plugs and paper bags to mock Tudor beams and plasma screens. Everything should be put on permanent display in a museum built and paid for by the very large property portfolios and bank accounts accrued at OUR expense . Each item bearing the infected MP's name and constituency .
As for the 400 pound monthly food allowance .. spare me and us all .Let them do as we do ,pay our own food bills out of what is left over when they ,the infected ones have taxed us every which way to ensure more of their luxury .
The museum could stand for ever as a reminder of how those in Public Service are liable to behave if not checked .Imagine how colourful the decor and grounds could be using repossessed pot plants etc and gardening materials . Works of modern art using ladies panty liners and nappies ... wow - Real Tate Modern stuff.
Let us never forget the new labour government , spawned by Mr Swine Fever himself . He who had the audacity to tell the Queen she must cut costs ,then go on to read his involvement and money making in the epidemic. Indeed he spread the filth from day one. It's taken years for freedom of information to get at all of this........ We should never forget nor let complacency creep back in .
As for those who are still there 'in power'. Don't let's wait one day longer . Sack them minus any pay . Belgium recently managed minus a goverment ... why not Britain . As for the swine Mp's Once sacked quarantine in prison . They are criminals so why not ?

Friday, May 08, 2009

For First Rate Corruption Visit GB

I am feeling extremely bolshie today .More so than usual in fact . Why ?
Because we have even more clear evidence of the robbery which has been going on for years in a country called Great Britain . Robbery of the public by the the politicians and to some tune .
There is so much talk about the corruption in third would countries ..oh my , Britain may no longer rule the waves but it certainly is tops at grand theft .
Expenses for MP's are not lunch vouchers . Oh no , more a never ending banquet . Their trumped up cleaning bills , Internet connections, Sky TV subscription, kitchen equipment , furniture , gardening tools [to name but a few items ] leave one furious and disgusted . Yet what is done ? Answer, very little .
Each and every one of these freeloaders should receive a bailiffs visit .The goods could be taken away after those with such expensive taste had been offered the chance to purchase using their money .Logic tells us they should have plenty .since salaries seem to go untouched for the everyday basics you and I worry about.
I doubt they would pay but let's then distribute the spoils amongst the public .
It appears ZDF [a German TV channel] broadcast my views on such .
Let's broadcast this corruption until we overcome the injustice of it .
Mentioning such .Never forget the grotesque cost of the G20 from which there is no evidence of one positive outcome .It was ,yet another grand mega scam for the scum to gather in luxury and feed richly at our expense. What's even worse is the deafening silence which has now fallen re the police brutality .Even though as we know ,it resulted in a man's death.
I leave you with a YouTube of one not so 'clean' Gordon Brown .Though heaven knows , his unlived in flat should be ,having cost the tax payer over 6000 Pounds for the cleaner . Err , one very expensive cleaner .I say let's find this person .Here Gordon the Greedy expresses surprise and sadness re young people not wanting to be involved in politics on leaving school. This indicates two things .A) he is referring to state school youth .They don't stand a chance anyway since the labour party have ruined the system B) our future 'leaders' will be more of the same .ie ) private school prats who will merely emulate their parents .Gordon forget your moral high ground, just pay the money back and ensure the rest do likewise.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Atheist's,Religious Why the Fuss ? All You Need Is Love .

It all began with advertising on a bus .Maybe you recall a group of atheists wanting to state that there is no God . [Hmm did this include Allah I wonder ]
Now it seems the desire to spread this message in the same manner, is being hotly debated in Germany .
If there is one absolute truth I would like to see spread about , it is as follows :-

"We can live without religion and meditation , but we cannot survive without human affection "

Dalai Lama

The former groups can debate as they will with their theories .What I find so wise about this quotation from the Dalai Lama is ,it's a fact !