Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brown and the Brown Noses of Westminster

The Daily Telegraph has done an amazing public service and now we are privy to the truth. Indeed we could paper a lot of rooms using WANTED posters . Yet has it made one jot of difference to these arrogant MP's ? No , no a thousand times no.
We now have Brown defending members of his cabinet and Cameron stating that anyone can make an error involving over 11000 pounds ! Mr C could that be due to them also attending Eton ? Old boy networks and such .. See the latest news on Tory whip Bill Wiggin .
Seems a lot of errors have been made by those who claim to be running the country and our lives . Aren't you glad they don't drive buses or fly planes? Errors or not ,tell me one other job that allows you to claim your mortage interest , brand new luxury fittings and home improvements as the whim takes you ? Plus a rather large monthly food allowance .You name it, they have taken it .Why ? Because it was all so easy .We the tax paying public didn't know of their home made extremely lucrative ,secret system ,the very system they now blame for their errors ,oversights ,confusion. System my eye .It was greed and theft on a grand scale .
We have seen Martin resign as speaker of the house , but as well as remaining until 21st June ,this odius and very guilty creature has set out reforms . As big a joke as his corpulent frame ! Enough to make you laugh so much you could be in need of a panty liner but a caution here ,as a none MP, you can't claim for such. Then we have the spectacle of Ha Ha Harman saying how the rules must be re written and obeyed . Sorry it's all a massive load of horse manure !
This Nuremberg syndrome is too much . Let's get rid of this bunch of thieves and fraudsters . None have said sorry . None have returned the goods we the public paid for . It will merely continue and I for one object to even 1p of my tax ( yes I still pay to this not so great country ) going to these brown nosed liars .
A Parliament run by the very few who who were honest would be a cleaner and trustworthy house . Respected by all at home and abroad. As it is British politics simply stinks .
Were the Nazis allowed to run the trial at Nuremberg themselves ? Clearly not .
Why should this bunch be allowed to be their own judge and jury ?

ps ) I repeat now something I read on the web . Let's hope the next step for the Daily Telegraph is the European Parliament .

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