Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Storks and Nature Around Berlin,

This wonderful haven is on the outskirts of Berlin Lichtenberg. It's a nature sanctuary with so much and the bonus is that storks nest there each year . To watch these amazing birds I could only wonder at their grace and style . They arrive each year from South Africa add to the nest , lay between four or five eggs which they tend with care . Once hatched the youngsters are well fed by the parents and learn how to fly . The sanctuary rings all baby storks for tracking purposes . What is amazing is that the little ones literally fly the nest , minus parents and ,with an astonishing ' inbuilt ' system fly off to South Africa . Mature birds leave later . How do they know the way ? If you are in Berlin before the end of July this is a place I can recommend . The staff are friendly , have so much knowledge not to mention time for visitors . Or you can simply relax watching and listening to a 'first class symphony by nature' :- Here is a link to the Lichtenberg information site [in english ] They give a further link to the Malchow sanctuary this is in German though .


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