Sunday, May 10, 2009

Westminster Epidemic [Swine Fever MP Strain]

Britain has Swine Fever .A very virulent variety and those infected appear to have one thing in common..... all are in politics. The symptoms manifest an unusual greed only for the best of everything ,ability to tell lies so marked it makes the devil himself appear angelic . Add to this ,a marked tendency towards parasitic behaviour and the vision is anything but glorious . Furthermore it's crossed the Irish Sea and some very notable formally infamous members of the IRA are now troughing with the best, whilst claiming this is their right . As one born in Manchester ,[a city bombed by these creeps I beg to take issue ] Yes it's fever to the left , fever to the right and as ever those wets the Liberals are infected -
Let's make them hand all and I do mean all back , from bath plugs and paper bags to mock Tudor beams and plasma screens. Everything should be put on permanent display in a museum built and paid for by the very large property portfolios and bank accounts accrued at OUR expense . Each item bearing the infected MP's name and constituency .
As for the 400 pound monthly food allowance .. spare me and us all .Let them do as we do ,pay our own food bills out of what is left over when they ,the infected ones have taxed us every which way to ensure more of their luxury .
The museum could stand for ever as a reminder of how those in Public Service are liable to behave if not checked .Imagine how colourful the decor and grounds could be using repossessed pot plants etc and gardening materials . Works of modern art using ladies panty liners and nappies ... wow - Real Tate Modern stuff.
Let us never forget the new labour government , spawned by Mr Swine Fever himself . He who had the audacity to tell the Queen she must cut costs ,then go on to read his involvement and money making in the epidemic. Indeed he spread the filth from day one. It's taken years for freedom of information to get at all of this........ We should never forget nor let complacency creep back in .
As for those who are still there 'in power'. Don't let's wait one day longer . Sack them minus any pay . Belgium recently managed minus a goverment ... why not Britain . As for the swine Mp's Once sacked quarantine in prison . They are criminals so why not ?

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