Friday, May 08, 2009

For First Rate Corruption Visit GB

I am feeling extremely bolshie today .More so than usual in fact . Why ?
Because we have even more clear evidence of the robbery which has been going on for years in a country called Great Britain . Robbery of the public by the the politicians and to some tune .
There is so much talk about the corruption in third would countries ..oh my , Britain may no longer rule the waves but it certainly is tops at grand theft .
Expenses for MP's are not lunch vouchers . Oh no , more a never ending banquet . Their trumped up cleaning bills , Internet connections, Sky TV subscription, kitchen equipment , furniture , gardening tools [to name but a few items ] leave one furious and disgusted . Yet what is done ? Answer, very little .
Each and every one of these freeloaders should receive a bailiffs visit .The goods could be taken away after those with such expensive taste had been offered the chance to purchase using their money .Logic tells us they should have plenty .since salaries seem to go untouched for the everyday basics you and I worry about.
I doubt they would pay but let's then distribute the spoils amongst the public .
It appears ZDF [a German TV channel] broadcast my views on such .
Let's broadcast this corruption until we overcome the injustice of it .
Mentioning such .Never forget the grotesque cost of the G20 from which there is no evidence of one positive outcome .It was ,yet another grand mega scam for the scum to gather in luxury and feed richly at our expense. What's even worse is the deafening silence which has now fallen re the police brutality .Even though as we know ,it resulted in a man's death.
I leave you with a YouTube of one not so 'clean' Gordon Brown .Though heaven knows , his unlived in flat should be ,having cost the tax payer over 6000 Pounds for the cleaner . Err , one very expensive cleaner .I say let's find this person .Here Gordon the Greedy expresses surprise and sadness re young people not wanting to be involved in politics on leaving school. This indicates two things .A) he is referring to state school youth .They don't stand a chance anyway since the labour party have ruined the system B) our future 'leaders' will be more of the same .ie ) private school prats who will merely emulate their parents .Gordon forget your moral high ground, just pay the money back and ensure the rest do likewise.

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