Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Are My Sunshine

This has been a special song for me since childhood . At the many jazz gigs I attend it is often played and the buzz never diminishes . So imagine my joy at finding this version on YouTube . There has been little sunshine for many for a long time it seems . Awful winter , earthquakes, on going wars, on going battles with Hausverwaltung etc etc . Yet when the going gets tough and yes ,this last week has been , I listen to this. It's simple , it's warm . it's emotional and above all it's human ! Hope it brings sumshine to all,where ever you may be .

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Treat Yourself and Feelgood !

A week ago today was the fantastic Dr Feelgood Concert where, as well as a kiss ( yes I have washed my face ) I got a very snazzy long armed shirt especially made for fans as crazy as myself.In my favourite colours .. how did they know ? The following day should have been bliss but was more than marred by German bureaucracy at it's worst. This coupled with packing all my belongings ... a daunting task at the best of times .. had me wondering if I should opt to be a nun or a trampette. As fate had it, my foxy nature saw the battle through and yes by Friday I had won. Satisfying but exhausting . Someone suggested I should treat myself ,so sure enough I did . Here you see one jacket made to go with a very special Feelgood T Shirt . Two excellent items with a great feelgood rating . Err there were two bonus rewards in the form of 2 handbags but well .....I never would have made a nun and life as a trampette under a bridge´could be pretty tough .Unless in a marvellous canal boat .Ah , but that's another story

Morality-America-Tiger Woods-A Farce !

Don't know about you but I for one am rather weary of hearing what a shocking person Tiger Woods is . Queries as to whether he can ever be trusted again abound. What is it with America ? Tiger Woods plays golf . He is not , nor has he ever pretended to be , holier than thou . The Bible Bashers who abound especially in US would do well to remember certain words from the Bible :-
" Let him who is without sin cast the first stone "
Then take a good look at some politicians , past and recent . The very big question over Iraq and an invasion engineered via lies . Vietnam, where chemical agents were used with full knowledge of the frightful side effects . Nixon and Watergate . Arms deals with with Iran and South American groups .The list goes on and on yet few say a word. Regan was willing to send any number of young men to certain death and do deals with the 'devil in many forms' . Bush Junior , Cheney and Rummie knew about torture , lies and illegal prison camps . They have got away with it, maintaining power and privilege and minus apologies.
The Catholic Church has abused so many and they too have got off lightly and without faces being shown ,plus they are still Priests .
Similar double standards are to be found within the halls of politics and religion in UK . So to sum up ......
Tiger Woods has a private matter for which he is being pilloried .He must apologize and beg forgiveness .Why ?
A final note :- the very country who are making much of what is common place in our society is also one of the largest producers of porn and alternative websites . If that weren't so tragic I would laugh .

Friday, February 19, 2010

Enough of Bullies Thus Enough of China.

Don't know about you but I've had it with China .The bully boys of the world .Who do they think they are ? Let another country criticize them and wow up comes the retort ,'stop meddling in our affairs ' Yet , thugs that they are, they dictate whom legally elected governments of other nations should meet with. Failure to do as Big Brother China says results in trouble , threats and spiteful actions . Bullies, there is no other way to describe them .

With their lack of human rights , trade in illegal arms to Africa , endless pressure on Taiwan , occupation and persecution of Tibet and it's people , indeed all religious beliefs ,it makes the late Saddam Hussein looks like a boy scout ! Why do we allow it ?

Since so many western firms have moved there to use what is slave labour . The goods are not quality controlled and can be sold on at a profit .´Don't know about you, but cheap items are not for me. Give me one quality item well produced any time .Let's see Western business return home and , in so doing ,sort out unemployment .Leave the Chinese to stew in their own Chop Suey . That is one very dangerous government [regime ]. Unelected and built on genocide it should be ignored and sanctioned . For example no Chinese student or person has access to points of view other than the regimes . Readers outside of China can surf the net and read freely ,agree or disagree. That is freedom .

Well done President Obama and may His Holiness the Dalai Lama be with us for many years .He is the true spirit of humanity .

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dr Feelgood Makes You Feel Very Good .

Yesterday was not only Valentine's Day , it was the final day of the Dr Feelgood tour in Germany .Pardon the pun , a "lovely" way to end . They were fantastic and the atmosphere in Quasimodo Jazz Club ,Berlin was electric . Again I regret my camera quality but trust me this place is mega dark .
My dilemma now is wash or not to wash . Having been kissed by the vocalist who with his energy ,made seeing believing .I also discovered that sure , being a groupie is still possible !
This group have no B type numbers .All are tops .Makes you proud to be British .Let's hear it for Dr Feelgood as government.

In Helena's Links you can view the Dr Feelgood website .Check out the gigs and listen to their music . A prescription guaranteed to lift your spirits .

Monday, February 08, 2010

Total Immersion In Music .

Sunday was sensational and best described as 'total immersion in music '. Up early , once ready out to the Yorkschlösschen in Kreuzberg. My meal was even better than it looks . Note :- food at this place is extremely good . Today an act from Holland was on at 2pm . Louis and the Losers . Odd name ,especially as this duo gave four hours of the most fantastic music . New Orleans jazz, rhythm and blues, boogie , rock n roll. That place was jumping . To see an accordion used with jazz and boogie was a first for me . Terrific . His keyboard playing was breathtaking and two little videos are included .Yes , yes my camera doesn't do justice but it gives you some idea .Watch his hands .
After this gig on to the Philharmonie where a concert of works by Schubert and Barber rounded my day off . Music brings untold joy and it's rare that the performers earn much. Can we say the same for politicians , and those engaged in the weapons industry ? I think not .

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

I Love Stupidity

Next weekend the amazing Dr Feelgood is in town and I'm like a cat on hot bricks with anticipation . Their CD, Stupidity is well worth buying .
So today when I walked past this window it was almost 'meant for me.' Too good a shot to miss .
From then on ,the day got better and better . It was , in contrast to weeks of minus temps , warm enough to take coffee out of doors on the Kudamm . After that, shopping . Many people say cities are lonely . Anonymous , unfriendly , cold are words usually attributed to such places .In my experience , never the case . For example, ,later whilst waiting in line for the ladies toilet I had an animated conversation with a young lady . We covered so many topics and afterwards , outside, discovered we had something in common.... writing . She is about to complete her first children's book , which she also illustrates . Could it be that those who find cities almost hostile , are in reality locked within themselves and a desire to conform .If so I give one piece of advice ...break free , BE STUPID !

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Truth For The Day

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Carrie Bradshaw [Sex and City] has some pretty shrewd observations. For example :-

When it comes to life and love, why do we believe our worst reviews?

Oh so true and oh so sad . Why, I ask myself do we do this ?
Take me for example. An English woman in Berlin and for too many years a target of constant criticism for my spoken German . Note: not Germans [OK one was ,but she liked nothing about yours truly ] Most were Brits ,Italians etc .
In the last two months a guy who is a moderator at RBB the main broadcasting service was complimentary and then a lady, who is a part of the Goethe Institute hierarchy . Neither had any ulterior motive and on each occasion only German had been spoken .So now I've learned something much more important than Dative ,Accusative , or Genitive .
I've realized that I'm pretty good .