Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Are My Sunshine

This has been a special song for me since childhood . At the many jazz gigs I attend it is often played and the buzz never diminishes . So imagine my joy at finding this version on YouTube . There has been little sunshine for many for a long time it seems . Awful winter , earthquakes, on going wars, on going battles with Hausverwaltung etc etc . Yet when the going gets tough and yes ,this last week has been , I listen to this. It's simple , it's warm . it's emotional and above all it's human ! Hope it brings sumshine to all,where ever you may be .


Anonymous said...

A Gin and Tonic, some Eddie Izzard, something nice from Rogacki's, flying a kite will sort you out

miss_vixen said...

What style you have ! It was Red Wine . No Eddie Izzard as my dvd's are packed and after a very full day , flying a kite in the dark was a tad too much ,Another time .Could make a good posting