Sunday, February 21, 2010

Treat Yourself and Feelgood !

A week ago today was the fantastic Dr Feelgood Concert where, as well as a kiss ( yes I have washed my face ) I got a very snazzy long armed shirt especially made for fans as crazy as myself.In my favourite colours .. how did they know ? The following day should have been bliss but was more than marred by German bureaucracy at it's worst. This coupled with packing all my belongings ... a daunting task at the best of times .. had me wondering if I should opt to be a nun or a trampette. As fate had it, my foxy nature saw the battle through and yes by Friday I had won. Satisfying but exhausting . Someone suggested I should treat myself ,so sure enough I did . Here you see one jacket made to go with a very special Feelgood T Shirt . Two excellent items with a great feelgood rating . Err there were two bonus rewards in the form of 2 handbags but well .....I never would have made a nun and life as a trampette under a bridge´could be pretty tough .Unless in a marvellous canal boat .Ah , but that's another story


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should consider calling yourself Dr. Lookgood!

The Huntsman

miss_vixen said...

Right now wouldn't merit the title lol BUT after my move and a holiday + so much more - who knows !