Saturday, February 06, 2010

I Love Stupidity

Next weekend the amazing Dr Feelgood is in town and I'm like a cat on hot bricks with anticipation . Their CD, Stupidity is well worth buying .
So today when I walked past this window it was almost 'meant for me.' Too good a shot to miss .
From then on ,the day got better and better . It was , in contrast to weeks of minus temps , warm enough to take coffee out of doors on the Kudamm . After that, shopping . Many people say cities are lonely . Anonymous , unfriendly , cold are words usually attributed to such places .In my experience , never the case . For example, ,later whilst waiting in line for the ladies toilet I had an animated conversation with a young lady . We covered so many topics and afterwards , outside, discovered we had something in common.... writing . She is about to complete her first children's book , which she also illustrates . Could it be that those who find cities almost hostile , are in reality locked within themselves and a desire to conform .If so I give one piece of advice ...break free , BE STUPID !

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