Sunday, February 21, 2010

Morality-America-Tiger Woods-A Farce !

Don't know about you but I for one am rather weary of hearing what a shocking person Tiger Woods is . Queries as to whether he can ever be trusted again abound. What is it with America ? Tiger Woods plays golf . He is not , nor has he ever pretended to be , holier than thou . The Bible Bashers who abound especially in US would do well to remember certain words from the Bible :-
" Let him who is without sin cast the first stone "
Then take a good look at some politicians , past and recent . The very big question over Iraq and an invasion engineered via lies . Vietnam, where chemical agents were used with full knowledge of the frightful side effects . Nixon and Watergate . Arms deals with with Iran and South American groups .The list goes on and on yet few say a word. Regan was willing to send any number of young men to certain death and do deals with the 'devil in many forms' . Bush Junior , Cheney and Rummie knew about torture , lies and illegal prison camps . They have got away with it, maintaining power and privilege and minus apologies.
The Catholic Church has abused so many and they too have got off lightly and without faces being shown ,plus they are still Priests .
Similar double standards are to be found within the halls of politics and religion in UK . So to sum up ......
Tiger Woods has a private matter for which he is being pilloried .He must apologize and beg forgiveness .Why ?
A final note :- the very country who are making much of what is common place in our society is also one of the largest producers of porn and alternative websites . If that weren't so tragic I would laugh .

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