Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zazzle Equals More Than Geek Chic .

I bought this long sleeved shirt on line from Zazzle. The design is, [wait for it]
'Binary Boobs'. I have to say it's lovely to wear and ideal with shorts or jeans . Found during a google search re Geekette mode etc,it hasn't disappointed .

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Santa Swing

These little clips were made using my mobile phone . Whilst the picture quality isn't brilliant, the sound is much better than those made with the digital camera. This group were terrific and the violinist brilliant . They were pleased to say "yes" I could post here .Later in the week , maybe more . [It's summer and here's the Santa I do believe in.]

Monday, May 26, 2008

Brussels Jazz Marathon 2008.

Should you ever get a chance to visit Belgium for this annual event,take it.Last weekend, Brussels had hot humid weather and,even hotter jazz . On Saturday night there was a 'jazz trinity'. Three fantastic groups ,one after the other . Each playing a different kind of music and all so terrific I just wanted 'more'.Indeed,later, as the heavens opened ,it was still wonderful to remain and dance under a tiny umbrella. Never has 'In the Mood ' been so apt. The left collage shows pictures of a small group called Santa Swing . Then a larger group by the name of Night Crowd Blues Band . The evening ended with a superb band ie) Union Big Band . Middle row left and right show two groups from Sunday at another city venue .
In the streets and bars were even more artists . The second collage shows some interesting individuals .Not all jazz artists but fabulous re personality and talent.I flew back today with some great memories.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Templehof . A Very Special Airport.

Templehof Airport is wonderful ,both architecturally and historically. Sadly it is to be closed . [A rather well manipulated vote settled that last month .]
Built for the 1936 Olympic Games it went on to play an active part in saving West Berlin from the DDR during the very nasty Berlin Blockade.
On Friday I flew to Brussels from Templehof . Here are a few pictures of what for me and so many more, is place worth keeping . It's user friendly and a joy to be in . On arrival in Brussels I had a walk which proved utterly exhausting ...along , up , down then even further . Don't get me wrong ,Brussels Airport is excellent but you do need to have your walking shoes on !
It's worthy of note that Tegel Airport is also due for closure . Built in a few weeks , during the blockade to supplement Templehof air traffic, it is also a real gem . . Hmmm what will remain ? Schönefeld .. Way out in the former DDR and still far from presentable . Airport politics can be awful for the users .

Thursday, May 22, 2008

By 'Blogger' They've Done It !

They've done it ! Test card gone , videos back . Whether or not these function or not who knows and, guess who doesn't care ? My filming may not be the greatest but it sure beats white squares . Well done to the Blogger team who resolved this massive problem.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Normal Service Will Be Resumed ASAP

Seems that everybody on blogger is experiencing this problem ie) blank white squares where their videos should be . Not good, but better when you know it's not just yourself . Plus it's been beneficial for yours truly in as much as I didn't panic !
Almost a first for this trainee geekette. So here's hoping the team who are responsible soon sort things and enable us to get back to normal .[whatever that may be ]

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Sound Of Music .

After the delights of the Salle Pleyel on Thursday night [do visit their site at] I decided that more music was a' must do' . So Friday I visited Cité de la musique . This is an enormous complex offering much in the way of music and theatre . After wandering around admiring what can best be described as sophisticated space age architecture I was just ready to leave when I met this young man .He was happy to play for me and was all for this video and it being shown on here. You can find out more about him at, He has a terrific personality . There is one sad note . A group of schoolchildren were in the building and on hearing the music they came to join in . Within seconds a ring of singing swaying very happy individuals surrounded this charismatic guy . So why sad ? I clicked the wrong button and lost the shot. We still had this however .France really has been alive with the sounds of music this weekend . There was Nielsen, Sibelius and Bartok then this superb African rhythm. Just a few highlights of a great weekend !

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Bird's Eye View.

These little videos were made over the weekend . The commentary is rather weird due to use of English + German and a lot of very breathless excitement . Strange the effect heights can have !

Friday, May 09, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To --

It's not been my week with the SBahn . After what could best be described as a close encounter of a weird kind I thought all was fine but tonight was to prove me wrong !
That which we dread most, happened . I and three others were trapped in a lift .. and not just any lift. This was a plate glass affair situated where the sun blazed in from all sides creating an oven effect. Pressing the emergency button we asked for help and never has 30 minutes seemed so long .None of my usual geek chic, I sat on the floor . On being released from this 'hell' we were encouraged to go to hospital for a check up .All declined.There was ,after all ,the theatre.Exchanging a glass lift which was more like a chamber it was full speed ahead for the English Theatre and a work entitled The Harvest Chamber .

More on that tomorrow plus some good clips ( I hope )

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Way With Words.....

The world is mud-luscious and puddle- wonderful

In poetry and quotations this writer had a way with words !
He 'painted' ideas in a literary format.