Friday, May 23, 2008

Templehof . A Very Special Airport.

Templehof Airport is wonderful ,both architecturally and historically. Sadly it is to be closed . [A rather well manipulated vote settled that last month .]
Built for the 1936 Olympic Games it went on to play an active part in saving West Berlin from the DDR during the very nasty Berlin Blockade.
On Friday I flew to Brussels from Templehof . Here are a few pictures of what for me and so many more, is place worth keeping . It's user friendly and a joy to be in . On arrival in Brussels I had a walk which proved utterly exhausting ...along , up , down then even further . Don't get me wrong ,Brussels Airport is excellent but you do need to have your walking shoes on !
It's worthy of note that Tegel Airport is also due for closure . Built in a few weeks , during the blockade to supplement Templehof air traffic, it is also a real gem . . Hmmm what will remain ? Schönefeld .. Way out in the former DDR and still far from presentable . Airport politics can be awful for the users .

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