Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Sound Of Music .

After the delights of the Salle Pleyel on Thursday night [do visit their site at] I decided that more music was a' must do' . So Friday I visited Cité de la musique . This is an enormous complex offering much in the way of music and theatre . After wandering around admiring what can best be described as sophisticated space age architecture I was just ready to leave when I met this young man .He was happy to play for me and was all for this video and it being shown on here. You can find out more about him at, He has a terrific personality . There is one sad note . A group of schoolchildren were in the building and on hearing the music they came to join in . Within seconds a ring of singing swaying very happy individuals surrounded this charismatic guy . So why sad ? I clicked the wrong button and lost the shot. We still had this however .France really has been alive with the sounds of music this weekend . There was Nielsen, Sibelius and Bartok then this superb African rhythm. Just a few highlights of a great weekend !

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