Thursday, March 29, 2007

Family Honour or Family Business.

This image was emailed to me early this morning. I felt sick and disgusted to consider the following .

To finish a job for his rather low IQ father and former president :-
A low IQ son and current president set out to ensure the capture and death of Saddam Hussein.
NB Never once had he put such efforts into the capture of Bin Laden since :-
The aforementioned is related to good friends of the low IQ father.
But as if that were not enough ,he made it easy for his father's buddy ( a Vice president to both ) to indulge in oil theft and corrupt business contracts on a grand scale .Armed with a pack of lies and a rigged UN ,the very low IQ president made a preemptive strike on a sovereign nation.
Four years on this nation is both in ruins and a blood bath . Saddam Hussein is dead having been charged with the death of 148 Kurds .
In the last seven days as many Iraqis have died . Not to mention that since that fatal ,illegal day ie) 20th March 2003 ,hundreds of thousands of decent Iraqis have perished .Who among you can recall the trumped up rhetoric about democracy as the precious gift to these people ? Mind you . Who among you really cares ?
We all know that the low IQ president told lies, yet he still remains. He is responsible for so much death and misery and yet goes free .
Nothing like keeping it in the family is there ?
For more well researched facts about this not so pleasant family do read works by Michael Moore and yes , try Google search .Especially:-

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hot and Bothered.

Whilst out and about your intrepid Miss Vixen spotted the above.
For sure the green clad, supposedly male would ever be allowed over her door step.
Somewhat resembles an effeminate lizard. As for the sexy vibrating banana which claims to better than a man. Ladies, Miss V says "if you prefer that to the real thing you need help !" She went on to add :-
"It's true ,good men don't grow on trees , but be real, be imaginative . Plastic plus latex bananas are just not creative . They are SAD . When Sally Bowles sang, 'Come to the Cabaret' she was preaching her concept of 'Divine decadence' . I doubt she would have included such ! "
Right now Miss Vixen is recovering from the shock . A warm day plus this, well shall we say it has shaken her .
Off now to make her a coffee. Hope it does the trick .

Helena Mikas . Berlin
ps) she asked me to issue this warning :-
Don't turn you bedrooms into a Banana Republic.

Monday, March 26, 2007

City of The Rising Sun.

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Not only does Berlin have spectacular sunsets, the sunrises are also breathtaking .
Today as I got off the bus in Neue Kantstrasse there was a huge blood red sun to be seen through the trees ! My standing in the middle of the road to take some shots horrified several Germans BUT,due to rushing I got the angle wrong. It was that or death. Later on leaving the S Bahn at Bundes Platz the entire platform appeared to be glowing .
Berlin I love what you bring each day ! It's free , magnificent and perfect for the very foxy lady who is glad to call this "home".

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Liar , Liar .... Pants On Fire !

So Mr Blair ( sorry Bliar ) you stated that the marines taken by the Iranians as trespassing in their waters were not where they shouldn't be .
In so doing you have just given the game away . They must have been ! For it is a fact universally acknowledged that :-
You are a prize liar . You and your buddy ( no Master ), G W Bush have a massive naval build up in the Gulf . That aforementioned clown of a President thinks it was fine for his country to take Iranian diplomats hostage .
Errr are we back to the white , Caucasian , christian club again ? Sure looks like it .
By the way Mr Bliar .Yes I do mean Bliar . You certainly caused a bad smell in this city over the weekend and security measures just for you , made our simple ordinary lives a bit of a hell .
Why don't you try living with the risks Mr Bliar . If people don't like you ask why .
So much of the misery today is all down to you and your boss .Yes I mean Bush .
Get real , quit freeloading and quit British politics . You have brought nothing but shame on that country .
ps) It was the 50th anniversary of the EU .A gravy train for Euro MP's and their like . We had roads empty of buses and long walks all due to security gone mad . Reason ....... Blair was amongst the guests . Over head helicopters hovered the entire time .Not sure about being at a party . It felt more like a stage set of 1984 coupled with Animal Farm . The "pigs" were having a lush time believe me.

Monday, March 19, 2007

As Time Goes By .

I do remember this ...
March last year and I was ill in hospital . As a result I missed creating a web site with the help of 'Gorilla '.
Being the nice type he is he did sort me out with this blog . It had to be as he was leaving Berlin and the blog was a quick fix and stop gap.
Wherever you are Gorilla many thanks ! March the 26th was 1st blog date(I think)and Miss Vixen is still going strong .
Whilst in Denmark I spotted this and it is to YOU I say .......
Thanks Gorilla , you are the greatest . Happy hugs and whatever else turns you on .
ps/ Hope you had a terrific St Patrick's weekend .

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fawlty Towers or faulty English ?

Seen today whilst making a hotel booking for travel within Turkey .

"All rooms has their own private Bath rooms
decorated with marbles
and panoramic Balconates to
preserve your intimacy "

Don't know about you but I love a game of marbles and am fascinated by the preservation of my intimacy !

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Boots are made for Maria Tembrink mode.

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Here you see my latest Maria Tembrink number . This little black dress looks a million dollars with boots . Such classic simplicity is great for all occasions .
The special feature of it is .. it doubles as a sweater . Show you that another time ...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Boots are made for --------

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Somebody asked how many pairs of boots I have in my wardrobe . The simple answer is ,lots .
This little collage shows some you may not have seen. The central boot is one my Laura Biagotti pair (bought in Sweden ). See also middle row R .I've nicknamed my Hells Angel boots and love wearing. Seems men like them too !
Then we have my truly wicked over the knee leather boots (top row centre,bottom row L and R) .These come quite high up the leg ... and are called my Puss in Boots boots ( amongst other names )
The ankle boots (top row R)are both chic and high . Then you see a pair in suede and leather which come just below the knee.(top row L , middle row L, bottom row,centre) Great worn with jeans ..
I took these shots using the self timer.. My photography skills lack a certain something so will leave the rest until my first rate photographer is here .

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Retrospective .

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As ever,being back in Berlin is magic. Sweden and Denmark are fabulous , but for me this strange city is the tops !
Today I was asked what made the biggest impression on me during my travels. Difficult, but after due thought and consideration the winners are -------
1) the archipelagos off the coast of Sweden. These are hauntingly beautiful .My small collage does not even begin to come close .A good reason for you to visit.
2) the Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen. I may well go once a month just for this . Why ?
From 2pm-10pm each day, one can have access to the film archives . These contain so many sensational documentaries . The range of topics is beyond belief and I was hooked . The first four I pulled,at random mind , were all riveting . That did it .
For my "intermission" there was the restaurant Sult (situated in the building),where the menu is also hard to beat . Suitably refreshed I was back for more viewing.
My only regret is that this wealth of worthwhile media is not for purchase .
One piece however I do plan to try and get. The Institute have given me all details and you can be certain Miss Vixen will do her best.
These were a few of my choices.(with my ratings )
a) Abortion,a lonely choice .A = 9/10
b)Prostitution behind the veil.A+ = 10/10
c) Crime and punishment Arctic style. A+ =10/10
d) My Irish Diary. A = 9/10

Monday, March 05, 2007

Vixen Airlines ? Beats Flybe .

A security man at the art gallery took the photograph. Maybe it will help you realize the size of this work of art .. no , no,not Miss Vixen .. the plane !
* NOTE :-
On checking my email late tonight I discovered that BA Connect have sold out to Flybe .
a) whoever is responsible for such a move ?
b) Is Flybe the the best name the operators could come up with ?
I may be biased but consider Vixen Airlines has a much better ring .

Louisiana Revisited

Today I returned to this wonderful art gallery . Here are pictures of three pieces which I found fantastic and fascinating.
The plane is by a German artist and is created in lead, using teeth and snake skin for decoration . The size of this work is difficult to convey to you.
The two figures are created in bronze .The male is called 'storm' the female 'hurricane'.
Finally, the female nude is displayed as the artist intended. ie ) upside down . What is also interesting... it is painted using his fingers .
There was so much more . But for now that is it . I'm off to get ready and go out .

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Goodbye and Hello

Today I left Gothenburg .Maybe a kilo or so heavier than on arrival and that's not simply my suitcase ! However a good time had been had . One last look at the scene from Radisson and off to the station for a train ride to Copenhagen. By midday the weather was brilliant sunshine. As the train crossed the bridge after Malmo the setting sun was spectacular . So much so that I moved across the carriage to take a picture .... Too late though . In that short time we had moved into a thick swirling misty fog .
On arrival in the Danish capital all seemed as last time ,but soon the noise of police sirens followed by wagon after wagon and one knew that still ,the trouble makers were active in places .
I have read that the little mermaid has been defaced by these layabouts, so plan to check it out .What a pity we have to suffer with what are best described as two legged cockroaches . Have they heard of work ? I wonder ....

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Don't say Cheese say Boots !

Today I collected my new boots(by Laura Biagotti) and had a great time at the shop. The owner, seen here ( also yesterday ) showed me pictures of her husband and family . They are , like her ,lovely . Another amazing fact ....she has 27 cousins !
Then it was off to Haga where the coffee shops are superb.Later,yet another sea trip.
Now it's time to get ready for fun. Tomorrow there's a train journey to Copenhagen. Where it seems they are still rioting .

Friday, March 02, 2007

Early one Morning .

After an early start it was a very full day. Here we see :-
Miss Vixen and the Radisson . She then went on to find a marvellous pair of boots with the help of this young lady . Then down to the sea and out to the Islands .These are so beautiful and many still had snow . More pictures of them to follow. Only the last fifteen minutes at sea were spent in doors on the boat. Thanks to a fur and boots being on deck for nearly two hours had been possible .
Finally the purchase of a new mobile phone .Let's hope this one is trouble free.
Now it's time to eat and live it up .......
Seems there are riots in Copenhagen . Is this due to the planned visit of Berlins Foxy Lady ?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Says it all !

Last night the laptop went crazy . No doubt overwhelmed by this place. The password wouldn't unlock it and things sure looked bad . Mind you ,as a result I have to report that I did meet several rather nice men who, having done their best to help me ,insisted on buying drinks and a meal... ( ladies take note )
This morning armed with Toshiba workshop addresses a nightmare began .Taxis here are OTT with their rates and , wait for it, cost me just short of £50 in fares !
Having warranty ,I got a new keyboard ( yes there lay the problem) and all functioned, except this new one is Swedish ,the other was German so Tower of Babel became order of the day as letters typed incorrectly . Due to the endless patience of this man who runs the main Toshiba workshop things were sorted .Later Toshiba support line proved amazing as they ordered a German keyboard to be sent to Berlin and went through other problems .
Toshiba are tops in Sweden .
As I returned from my treks I saw a tram with a most apt destination . Why was I angered ? The rather stupid concierge had failed in his job .
I had asked about public transport and been fobbed off .He was too lazy to find out Had he done my £50 would have been £ 4 at the most .
So if you are ever in Gothenburg on a wet, wet, day ,try Toshiba but with public transport !