Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On track for Sweden

After a great flight I am now on the train en route to Gothenburg. From the window one sees snow, snow and yes, more snow . As we speed along the amount increases. .Whoopee thinks Miss Vixen .
Agriculture seems to be the thing here … farmhouses dotted cross a landscape broken
only by windbreaks .The enclosed pictures give an idea . In some places the drifts along the embankments are quite deep . .
Surrounding the stations are industrial complexes . Like ‘boils ‘ upon the surface they are soon lost to a more rural scene..
At the airport long check in queues marked the flights for sunnier climes.
Yet I for one am enamoured by the cold , forbidding sky and leafless trees . It is after all the season of Persephone … Yes ,winter Something we are coming to realize is a season now at risk . I for one hope we save it ..
Until later

Monday, February 26, 2007

Right and Honourable .

Most of us are more than disillusioned with modern politicians.
Crooked and very economical with the truth , they try to present themselves with what is perceived to be showbiz charisma.
Given these factors ,(there are more),the title The Right Honourable is anything but apt.Think Blair,Straw,Prescott,Blunket.The list is endless and covers all parties.
However one politician stands out untarnished. Gordon Brown .
This man has never been tainted by Blair and has done a great job .
It speaks volumes for the British press and public when one hears that Mr Brown is not well liked as he doesn't smile enough ,is miserable etc .
To them I would ask "where have the grins of Bush and Blair got us ?"
I would like to see him as PM for Britain . You never know he could well return it to GB status .
Indeed I would go so far as to say that here is a man who could run the show single handed . COME ON GORDON .You are Right and yes ,very honourable . Would there were more politicians like you today .

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Fur-Fun, Day in Berlin 'Town'

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A selection of pictures from today. They include a new Maria Tembrink pulli ,which is also a slinky dress ! (top right) A sit in at my boot makers,then relaxing at Gerekos (my furrier).Am seriously considering that fox blanket.. a must have for a foxy lady.
Finally ,for good measure,have icluded one cuddly toy, carnival rat.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Make it "With".

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The other day I was at a gathering where a man was holding forth that HIV AIDS is a myth! It is his opinion that all is but a money making activity . Yes, so shocked was I at this stupidity I was rendered speechless. ( now there's an entry for the Guinness Book of Records ). Seldom is Miss Vixen silent ..
Today I asked a Doctor friend for this selection of cards to use on my blog. They are produced free of charge to carry the health warning to all . In my opinion they are brilliant .
Maybe I should send a selection to Bush and the Vatican ..

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Whiter than White or Greener than Green

The Irish are often the source of jokes and when you read the following you can see why .
Today, whilst working I was listening to RTE radio on the pc.During a news broadcast the reader started to cough and splutter. It was hilarious . After hearing the news I am left thinking the cause of his indisposition lay in the subject matter .
It seems an Irish man has been found guilty of a crime involving illegal organized activities . Namely "money laundering" for the IRA. We were informed that the police had arrested this individual after discovering over €90,000 in a Daz washing powder carton.
Relational thinking on the criminals part or , being Irish,did he actually think one had to wash the notes ?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Now the Carnival is Over .

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Berlin is no Rio and the climate doesn't lend itself to thongs and nipple tassels !
Yet some how this week of carnival culminating in today's big parade was fun.
I got lots of goodies to eat , flowers and a cuddly rat ,would you believe.
Soon be Lent . OK am a none believer but plan on using the time to good purpose ...
Hope this collage of some of the weird characters I met gives you a laugh .

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Power of Love .

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So much has been written about love .
Carl Jung wrote :-
"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction,both are transformed" .
Miss Vixen writes :-
"It's special ,is a powerful force ,makes one do crazy things and is without logic. There are many kinds of love yet each is remarkable"
A Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers .

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day , Beate Uhse style .

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Not really my idea of Valentine's Day but I took these shots today and yes, at yet another bus stop.(This one situated next to the Beate Uhse Erotica Shop ) Hmmm doubt the bottles of 69 ( whatever this may be, could take the place of Guiness )
As for the 'male'. Miss Vixen would not even let him over her doorstep .Looks a real wimp and men with base ball caps plus a toy teddy in the hand do little for her. Enjoy the madness though as who knows this could be your scene !

Friday, February 09, 2007

Question and Answer.

Most definitely yes !

More on" In the Name of God "

Today I heard from the sculptor Jens Galschiot re my blog . He has sent me some more information and links . Please see below as these are well worth reading and viewing.

In the first you will see marvellous photographs of the recent action in Kenya.
In the second ( Adobe ) you will find a great deal about the venture and the artist.
More and more politicians deal in lies but thanks be, here is art to highlight the truth and present it in a manner we cannot ignore.
As a footnote let me add this .The biggest objection raised over the sculpture came from an Irish man! An ardent Roman Catholic he saw it as blasphemy and threatened to protest each day ..(do read the report) Makes one think and makes me sad
Some extracts :-

In the Name of God

In memory of the victims of fundamen†alism
A crucifix opposing Christian fundamentalists’ crusade against contraception and sexual education, a policy with disastrous consequences for the AIDS situation in Africa and elsewhere in the world.

The crucifix is a sculptural outcry for the right to contraception and unprejudiced sexual education. It is an artistic comment to the Bible fundamentalists´ crusade against contraception, and their grotesque claim that ‘the Bible allows only unprotected sex’.

Late Edition ..Just as I completed this posting I read the following headline :-

"Catholic Church slams free Brazil Carnival condoms"

Seems the fundamentalists are very vocal and extremely out of touch with real life . Considering the life of your average priest , bishop , cardinal etc it is not to be wondered .

Thursday, February 08, 2007

In The Name of God

This spectacular sculpture entitled 'In the Name of God 'is the work of Danish sculptor Jens Galshiot,an artist who is concerned with humanistic issues. Galshiot creates wonderful pieces to carry his 'message.' This remarkable and powerful protest against the anti condom stance taken by both Vatican and Bush regime says more than any number of words.
The head of the church in Copenhagen agreed that the crucifix remain. He felt that it was most apt as ,just as crucifixion was a slow painful terrible death so is Aids.
Too many women are being forced into pregnancy by HIV aids infected men and the unborn child is already condemned to death . I very much doubt the Pope and Bush are concerned about this .
Do spend a few minutes looking at the following site :-

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

American Junk Strategy

I read the following today :-
"Gates says US should know soon if Iraq plan working "

Hey, how long is soon ? For nearly four years now we have seen the bungled policy of the worlds 4th Reich and it sure ain't working . Are they waiting for a message maybe from God himself? One wonders.

And as if that isn't enough of a joke ,Reuters report that Rice believes that Chavez is 'destroying' Venezuela.

"I believe there is an assault on democracy in Venezuela and I believe that there are significant human rights issues in Venezuela," Rice told lawmakers at a congressional hearing. "I do believe that the president of Venezuela is really, really destroying his own country, economically, politically."

Amazing stuff when you consider this very nasty piece of female impersonation aids and abets the illegal war in Iraq which to date has killed untold numbers .She represents a country infamous for illegal detention centres,not to mention ignores the needs of the sick and needy whilst spending mainly on weapons of all kinds of destruction ! A country guilty of human rights abuses on a grand scale.
Miss Rice, were it not for the fact you are so dangerous it would be funny .

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Miss Vixen has landed.

As usual the BA lounge had proved to be a mini paradise (with scrummy hot mini spinach souffles.) Then away to where the sun dazzled. In less than 45 minutes dropping down into Berlin . Moments later--Tegel,so 'HOME'.
Yes, Miss Vixen has landed !

More than a handful is a - - -?

No words needed,the pictures say it all .

Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm a sucker for thumbs !

I loved this sculpture as soon as I saw it at the Louisiana. A gallery for modern art.
It's an astonishing place. Situated by the sea ,it houses ,a permanent collection,puts on superb exhibitions ,has a cafe which is temptation 'plus' and so much more. A must see for anyone visting Copenhagen .
What's so special about this work ? Hard to say .Just say 'Thumbs Up'and leave you with the final picture and this thought ..
Do you reckon the American immigration control could do a thumb print were the piece ever to be shipped for exhibition there ?
A big job boys .. Here's a shot to give you some idea.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wild , windswept but warm

The above shots were taken today in Malmo ,Sweden.
I caught the train at Copenhagen Central Station and in 30 minutes had crossed the sea over a truly amazing bridge .The photograph of which was taken from the shore at Malmo . If I appear rather like a bandit it's due to a very strong wind whipping in from the sea. Were my cheeks rosey !
The tower like structure shown above is known as the Turning Torso .Designed by a Spaniard it reminded me of something from Dubai .
Now I'm back on Danish terra firma and off for a lovely dinner. Nothing like fresh air for working up an appetite .

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The 'Toy' Soldier.

It is a fact universally acknowledged that Miss Vixen enjoys the company of younger men ! However,there is young and young .
Today found me at the Royal Palace here in the city .This is the winter residence of the Queen of Denmark and the flag indicated that she was 'at home'.
The guard is changed each day ,and for Her Majesty's presence the military band always put on a show . This was absolutely brilliant and as lively as one could wish for ,kicking off with the Monty Python theme music. It really was a case of 'and now for something entirely different '
Thanks to Nishi who took this picture of me with the youngest soldier I have ever seen! Reader he looked about 12 years ...not a day over. Toy certainly was toy here and too much so for even for me !!

Miss Vixen and The Little Mermaid .

One wears fur ,the other,nothing. Both love the water and so much more.
Seems we have other factors in common .
She only came into her own after the film about Hans Christian Anderson .For Miss Vixen it was Berlin.
Both have survived amazing accidents and still manage to look good ......
However, I am of the belief she merits the solo shot.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Maybe wonderful but oh it's wet !

Arrived Copenhagen to weather more suited to Manchester . Yes ,rain, rain and more rain .
But even so one can see that this is a lovely city . Great transport and so clean.
Hotel nicely situated near to the harbour so who cares about buckets of rain ?
For a moment thought I was in Dublin crossing the River Liffey but no ,this was a small canal with fabulous sailing boats and terrific bars plus eateries .Right now I'm in one such place and a huge salmon bagel is waiting to be devoured .Later,out to a Korean place.

Copenhagen here I come .

It's 9 am CET and weather wise a rather dismal day in Berlin . Grey ,misty,drizzly rain and cold .. (just like UK )
After ages with my feminine fads ie ) cosmetics etc ( the new EU regs being a nightmare for a woman worthy of the name )I am ready .
So all that remains now is, which coat ? My flamboyant fox or marvellous mink.
Am more or less decided .. But for the answer tune in to this space and my next posting from Denmark .
Pictured is the mink , on my profile the fox .