Monday, January 19, 2015

Islamic Hardliners Threaten Western Civil Rights .

So now Pegida , have been banned from a having a demonstration this evening due to death threats issued by those none peace loving Muslims who strive to remove the rights we enjoy as part of our every day life .Freedom of speech , discussion, to name but two .Wake up time Germany .
UK has suffered a great deal of such and here are but a few examples of what they can get away with .
1) Marks and Spencers are allowing Islamic till operators in their food hall to refuse to scan packed pork products or alcohol . They are not taking the sensible approach and keeping such people out of the food hall and in other departments .Why ? They are too afraid that they will be accused of discrimination.
2)BA will not allow any flight attendants to wear a cross for fear it is offensive to Muslims .
3)In LHR fully veiled women are allowed through passport control minus a face match passport check It is a fact that criminal Muslim men on the run have used this ploy to board flights out of Britain .
This faith is fast becoming a sick charade for many to manipulate the law and exert control .
Back down at this point to the bully tactics of IS and we are on the slippery road whereby that which is European, civilisation , culture , gender equality, freedom of expression  is in danger .
Nobody is against Islam what most Europeans do not want is Islamization of Europe .That is to say little or no integration , flouting our civil law whilst demanding Sharia law etc etc .
Read what Ahmed Aboutaleb ,Moroccan born Mayor of Rotterdam said to the many who seek to twist our society whilst demanding this and that :-) I conclude with a quote from his TV broadcast.
He had the courage to speak out to those Muslim who are involved in seeking violence .I quote :-)

"'It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom,' Mayor Aboutaleb told Dutch current affairs program Nieuwsuur (Newshour).

'But if you don't like freedom, for heaven's sake pack your bags and leave.

'If you do not like it here because some humorists you don't like are making a newspaper, may I then say you can f*** off.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Pegida Is Not Violent It is Against Such .

So Mrs Merkel has a problem with Pegida as it seems  do  many of our very well protected , securely cushioned Politicians . In  the words of the song " when will they ever learn". European countries do have large Islamic populations who, in living here have all the benefits of our secular societies and democracy which include freedom of speech, press, tolerance of other faiths, intelligent criticism plus  debate . Over the last few years there has been a swell of fundamentalism within Islam beginning with overseas groups established within cultures where tolerance is unknown. Many have travelled, trained and attracted others who are seemingly enraptured by the concept of killing any and all who think differently to themselves. They have used the democracy of the West to spread their hate and loathing.
Recall 9/11, the London attacks including decapitation. The perpetrators , all Muslim .
Two hundred none Muslim Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by fundamentalist groups for uses that go against any decent faith , They have never been found .The list is endless .
As if this were not enough there is a growing demand for  Sharia Law by the so called peaceful Islamic population found  within European countries..
Residing  in a country necessitates  living by the civil law of that land. If that is intolerable then the answer is simple. Relocate to a land where Sharia law is the norm .
Since the murder of Charlie Hebdo  a blogger in Saudi Arabia has been brutally flogged for speaking against a certain prophet . Saudi Arabia has the right to do such as it has such a law. Is this what we want  in our freedom loving countries where a code of civil laws operates ?.. My own answer is no .
Pegida is not violent.  It seeks to ensure that our civil laws  are upheld by all. One look at the news , threats and actions will tell you where the violence and hate is to be found .Decent ordinary citizens within secular , tolerant Europe wish to ensure that our culture , our code of law is not tainted.
When I was a teacher in UK, religious education was and still is  part of the curriculum . The children were taught about  three main faiths. Imagine that being possible in any none secular Islamic country .
My question is where are the silent members of this faith . Their silence is marked .