Monday, July 30, 2012

Berlin Beethoven Barenboim

Berlin is a city vibrant with life and culture. Situated in Charlottenburg is the Waldbühne, an open air theatre built in 1936 and a copy of 'Epidaurus' 3rd century BC. It seats 25,000 and ranks as one of Europe's largest concert venues. A concert, plus picnic basket makes for a superb evening. Daniel Barenboim, world famous musician and conductor is no stranger to Berlin especially in the world of Opera.Here you see him before the concert returning to the stage after sorting the sound. As founder and conductor of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra ( assembled from young Israeli and Arab musicians) Barenboim has done much to use the power and passion of music to build bridges for peace.Sunday was just such an event when they played to a packed audience in the Waldbüne.The weather matched the music-perfect.As did the atmosphere ,again perfect. Beethoven's 3rd and 5th symphonies played with tremendous zest and superb accuracy.Something tells me that Beethoven would be more than pleased with our joy each and every time we hear his works .Sunday was no exception . Beethoven - Berlin and Barenboim share much .None are pretentious .They are timeless and most of all , 'themselves'. Quite an example. Now for my fun shot of the week.The picture on the right is that of the left but upside down .So clear is the reflectiion that on the R one is left wondering at the 'hole'

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Year "Flies" By Into The Next

It's said that 'time flies' , even more so if you choose to spend time in flight on your actual birthday .
This time last week I was one year older but after being looked after by British Airways and British Midland it's true to say, felt younger .It was the start of a week taking in many places and most of all the north of Ireland, beautiful scenery and the freshest of air.
Magical moments to remember .Life is made up of millions of such . Priceless .

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Golden Celebration For France and Germany.

2012, my Silver Jubilee , HM Queen Elizabeth II her Diamond Jubilee and now it's the turn of France and Germany. Their's is a very special Golden Birthday in the form of the Deutsch-Französisches Volksfest . Hard to believe but this action packed event sprang from a meeting  between General de Gaulle and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer .
Both men realized the importance of friendship and after their meeting the bonds between the countries got stronger .The very first Volksfest took place at Kurt Schumacher-Damm . After the allies left  in 1994 it was decided that the show must go on and so a permenant site was built .( same address ) If you have a 50th birthday this year between the 15th of June and 15th of July turn up with proof and a present of 50Euro  will be yours .On the 8th the actual birthday of the festival there is also a chance for all to try and win an iPhone being raffled . This video made from still shows a few of the rides . I did film on the Roller Coaster and the Frizbee but for some reason it didnt save .If you have never been here , try it . Let your hair down or sit watching the entertainment in the French Village whilst eating rather wonderful food .
**Now the video edited from live HD  digitalvideo Best viewed ful screen :
Sound is live from moment of filming.