Sunday, July 01, 2012

Golden Celebration For France and Germany.

2012, my Silver Jubilee , HM Queen Elizabeth II her Diamond Jubilee and now it's the turn of France and Germany. Their's is a very special Golden Birthday in the form of the Deutsch-Französisches Volksfest . Hard to believe but this action packed event sprang from a meeting  between General de Gaulle and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer .
Both men realized the importance of friendship and after their meeting the bonds between the countries got stronger .The very first Volksfest took place at Kurt Schumacher-Damm . After the allies left  in 1994 it was decided that the show must go on and so a permenant site was built .( same address ) If you have a 50th birthday this year between the 15th of June and 15th of July turn up with proof and a present of 50Euro  will be yours .On the 8th the actual birthday of the festival there is also a chance for all to try and win an iPhone being raffled . This video made from still shows a few of the rides . I did film on the Roller Coaster and the Frizbee but for some reason it didnt save .If you have never been here , try it . Let your hair down or sit watching the entertainment in the French Village whilst eating rather wonderful food .
**Now the video edited from live HD  digitalvideo Best viewed ful screen :
Sound is live from moment of filming.

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