Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween From Berlin

YouTube = Google and Blogspot = Google so, let's include all and ensure that the final day in October,  All Hallows ' 'Halloween'' be fun.
The daily news is constantly awash with political spectres , misery and evil .
Best switch off and indulge in  comedy masquerade and enjoyment. This crazy little video came about due to a wager with a fellow YouTuber . I was to have been a Vampire having bought a Vampire costume in Belfast last year.  ( do not ask me why )   Could I find it ? No.
Thus back to the drawing board starting  from scratch. No the cat didn't have fleas .

Thursday, October 24, 2013

William Hague UK Does Not Need You

Who does William Hague think he is ? As foreign minister of a weak coalition government that didn't do well at the polls , he has the nerve to say :-
"Even if Assad was able to military defeat all elements of the opposition it is inconceivable that somebody who has slaughtered  so many and presided over the destruction of his country would then once again be able to preside peacefully over it in the future "
Does Mr Hague have proof positive that President Assad has done such .He sets himself up as judge and jury, just as Blair did. In a tragic attempt to emulate US he looks a fool.
Blair went along with an illegal invasion , based on lies which led numerous British Service men to their death and brought about untold deaths of Iraqi citizens.He also wrecked Britain by leaving it open and vulnerable to the nasty specimens Hague now supports .We don't hear Hague demanding a halt to Blair's activities. We do hear Hague stating that those who eat hearts of victims and are linked to Al-Qaeda are not terrorists and he supports them ! Not just with rhetoric but with weapons and money .Nigel Farage was spot on when he said Hague should resign . Last week there were more deaths in Iraq , Libya is in turmoil , the list is endless.
Each country is infested with fundamentalists who seek to overthrow any form of modern secular order. This rabble demand one religion ( theirs ) or death and then destroy all around them. Assad has not destroyed Syria the rebels have .Assad is cooperating with the weapons inspectors . The rebels are not and refuse peace talks .Terrorists never discuss . Only this week they set fire to a huge power plant near the airport yet  Mr Hague supports such people and with UK tax payers money .... an outrage .
Based on the above it is fair to say that Mr Hague has as little intelligence as he has hair on his head .It seems he will not cease meddling until he has brought even more danger to the world and our shores :-Resign Mr Hague----

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Here Comes Halloween

These pictures were taken yesterday in Wilmersdorfer Straße where a Witch's House  was the focal point. Children played happily in the area creating Halloween art which she then hung up for all to see. Decorations were beautiful , lots of laughter and even a straw seat for yours truly. No pun intended but the atmosphere was 'magical'. Inside Karstadt Store Halloween costumes and accessories are spectacular .
Will I celebrate ?  Watch this space. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013


"Laws are spiders webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught."

Honore de Balzac
French Writer     1799 -1850

The ghastly truth of these words is made manifest each day . With what ease corrupt politicians escape , plump and large they survive as do many unsavoury characters in the world of finance and business . This second quotation from Honore de Balzac brings certain individuals to mind.  Those who have waged trumped up illegal invasions :-

"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime
 Honore de Balzac

Many little ones sent to do their dirty work died , caught up in a web of horror. They however  have gone on to speak of 'their ' great work , to write books and to profit more. They are extremely big flies and as such have contaminated much .

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


From Sunday the 13th until today therapy has taken a rather delicious turn .
Since it was the the last day open ( this season ) for the ice cream shop I simply had to indulge . Monday 14th was a sunny day thus enormous fun shadow catching.I'd forgotton the camera was set on BW but with shadows does this matter ? 
Tuesday 15th out to physiotherapy calling first at the Bäckerei, Aux Delices Normand, where coffee and brotchen are superb and the service likewise .
My physiotherapist had been back to the States and has made a visit to NASA where, he'd  been able to touch rocks brought back from the moon. Reader, I get excited by pebbles from the sea so this had me totally fascinated. Mr Moon the Physio  hand worked on the  knee  of Ms Moon . He had also brought me a snowdowm from Texas ! After more visits and purchases I went to Mac Cafe for a coffee.  €2,99 bought me a capucinno and the best chocolate cake ever . Off for more appointments and finally just as I thought I'd finished,  what should I discover ?
The ice cream shop is stocked with German Christmas goodies and they are still serving coffee . The young man who runs it gave me a delicious Kaiser Elisen Lebkuchen. Made without flour this is something special .Indeed the week so far has proved very theraputic . 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Radio Berlin Brandenburg Open Night .

This special open night was an event included in the Festival Of Lights 2013 programme.
It proved excellent due to it's proximity and being indoors ( outside was rain )
The illustration of lights and how they are used is a way of ending my own coverage of this years festival. It does have longer to go though. Some great videos in YouTube. Check them out.
RBB have tours throughout the year and I can recommend. 

Friday, October 11, 2013


This time last year I broke a toe which sort of cramped my style at the Annual Festival Of Light . Now in 2013 it's been a broken vertebrae and both knees smashed . When some one said I was 'an accident waiting to happen' they were right. Yet the BVG has made some things possible with routes that take one almost door to door. Enjoy these two little videos. Apologies for shake in the labyrinth of light. The camera had to be worn around my neck and used  hands free. Where there's a will there sure is a way .

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Mars Minus Moon

This was spotted yesterday when I woke in the early hours. Larger than a star certainly  not a plane so I was out to take this shot using my Lumix TZ31. The telescope is really a must buy. Having done my home work it seems that this is the planet Mars. Should anybody out there has another opinion please let me know .

Friday, October 04, 2013

Tag Der Deutschen Einheit 2013

It just  had to be Schiller's Ode To Joy. I still recall the very first Unification day when crowds and jubilation were the order of the day at Brandenburg Gate .In the background a very beautiful version of this music was played throughout the day.Yesterday there were crowds, all in good mood ,the sun shone and as I walked  about with very frequent pauses to rest my injured leg I couldn't believe how many years since that first celebration way back .What was a joy was to travel the new U55. A work of art and Berlin's shortest U Bahn .