Thursday, October 24, 2013

William Hague UK Does Not Need You

Who does William Hague think he is ? As foreign minister of a weak coalition government that didn't do well at the polls , he has the nerve to say :-
"Even if Assad was able to military defeat all elements of the opposition it is inconceivable that somebody who has slaughtered  so many and presided over the destruction of his country would then once again be able to preside peacefully over it in the future "
Does Mr Hague have proof positive that President Assad has done such .He sets himself up as judge and jury, just as Blair did. In a tragic attempt to emulate US he looks a fool.
Blair went along with an illegal invasion , based on lies which led numerous British Service men to their death and brought about untold deaths of Iraqi citizens.He also wrecked Britain by leaving it open and vulnerable to the nasty specimens Hague now supports .We don't hear Hague demanding a halt to Blair's activities. We do hear Hague stating that those who eat hearts of victims and are linked to Al-Qaeda are not terrorists and he supports them ! Not just with rhetoric but with weapons and money .Nigel Farage was spot on when he said Hague should resign . Last week there were more deaths in Iraq , Libya is in turmoil , the list is endless.
Each country is infested with fundamentalists who seek to overthrow any form of modern secular order. This rabble demand one religion ( theirs ) or death and then destroy all around them. Assad has not destroyed Syria the rebels have .Assad is cooperating with the weapons inspectors . The rebels are not and refuse peace talks .Terrorists never discuss . Only this week they set fire to a huge power plant near the airport yet  Mr Hague supports such people and with UK tax payers money .... an outrage .
Based on the above it is fair to say that Mr Hague has as little intelligence as he has hair on his head .It seems he will not cease meddling until he has brought even more danger to the world and our shores :-Resign Mr Hague----


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