Tuesday, October 15, 2013


From Sunday the 13th until today therapy has taken a rather delicious turn .
Since it was the the last day open ( this season ) for the ice cream shop I simply had to indulge . Monday 14th was a sunny day thus enormous fun shadow catching.I'd forgotton the camera was set on BW but with shadows does this matter ? 
Tuesday 15th out to physiotherapy calling first at the B├Ąckerei, Aux Delices Normand, where coffee and brotchen are superb and the service likewise .
My physiotherapist had been back to the States and has made a visit to NASA where, he'd  been able to touch rocks brought back from the moon. Reader, I get excited by pebbles from the sea so this had me totally fascinated. Mr Moon the Physio  hand worked on the  knee  of Ms Moon . He had also brought me a snowdowm from Texas ! After more visits and purchases I went to Mac Cafe for a coffee.  €2,99 bought me a capucinno and the best chocolate cake ever . Off for more appointments and finally just as I thought I'd finished,  what should I discover ?
The ice cream shop is stocked with German Christmas goodies and they are still serving coffee . The young man who runs it gave me a delicious Kaiser Elisen Lebkuchen. Made without flour this is something special .Indeed the week so far has proved very theraputic . 

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