Saturday, April 28, 2012

Let's Hear It For Honesty , Culture and Style

Last night I deleted my video Nanny State Britannia from here and from YouTube .The reason being it had been taken and  used by a very nasty American warmongering group and not only that but as their own work .So having asked for help from YouTube, I decided to delete and reload plus write this explanation. Quite a few people had seen it and many found it very funny. So it's back on YouTube. It's a sign of the times when creepy groups sink so low, but having done my home work on them they are the pitz .
Let's hope UK cease emulating USA .We do have a history ,culture and style . Let's not throw such away in the rush to get rich quick by any means. Meanwhile Ms V fights back against the slimeball thieves .

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Modern Art and Architecture In Luxemburg

Last week I flew to Luxemburg and had a fantastic time . The first day was hectic but what I really did enjoy was the ultra modern architecture and art to be found around the Philharmonie.This film gives you some idea . The MUDAM is a museum I could spend hours in. Designed by sino-american architect I.M Pei  this building, layout, exhibits can only be described as spectacular.
Not only does the  MUDAM house works it also displays the actual city, old and new through the most unusual use of glass and carefully placed massive windows which 'frame' that which is outside ..........

Monday, April 09, 2012

Aer Lingus Win The Easter Sunday Egg.

It was a strange Easter Sunday .Began in Belfast where I had to catch a bus to Dublin Airport . Easy , but once on the motorway (fortunately near to Dublin ) a tyre blew 'big time' . The driver was great and handled all well .There we sat and waited until another bus came, parked with care as passengers plus luggage were safely moved. At terminal two more great food and then the Berlin flight left promptly . The weather was lovely as was sun down ,arriving early at SXL at 20-40hrs. This was a bonus as the next leg of the journey was by train where due to work on the track there was more swapping and changing and many confused visitors. Therefore the prize for smooth journey , problem free goes to Aer Lingus .Second goes to the Irish Bus Company .

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Bushmills Coleraine Port Rush To Walk With Giants.

The above shows an action packed day around the Antrim Coast enjoying that which can be found here , sun , sea , sand ,fine whiskey , fine food and so much fun. When in Giant Country it tends to be ultra special.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Berlin ,Belfast ,Bushmills ,Rathlin Island

If you wish to go across the sea , go to Ireland , and what better route than this. Each may have a different starting point but once you reach Belfast and travel north , believe me the nearer you are to 'paradise found'. Only one way to find out --- try it .
AerLingus fly to Belfast from London .However should you fly to Dublin with them take the train or bus up to Belfast .
Warning .Antrim is so magical it keeps drawing one back .You have been warned .