Saturday, April 28, 2012

Let's Hear It For Honesty , Culture and Style

Last night I deleted my video Nanny State Britannia from here and from YouTube .The reason being it had been taken and  used by a very nasty American warmongering group and not only that but as their own work .So having asked for help from YouTube, I decided to delete and reload plus write this explanation. Quite a few people had seen it and many found it very funny. So it's back on YouTube. It's a sign of the times when creepy groups sink so low, but having done my home work on them they are the pitz .
Let's hope UK cease emulating USA .We do have a history ,culture and style . Let's not throw such away in the rush to get rich quick by any means. Meanwhile Ms V fights back against the slimeball thieves .


Anonymous said...

What an artistic photograph. Was it taken by a professional?

miss_vixen said...

Not exactly but one would say ... a photographer with a future .