Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Safe Sex Need Not Be Boring .

The above title refers to the following piece written some years ago in Berlin . A city where , yes the heaven and earth really do move for you if you have a night or two on, or at one of the fabulous Volkesfest -- Try it and test my theory -- Mind you , in an ideal world --

Safe sex need not be boring - far from it
Indeed I think I´ve found the answer
And from the look of things - hundreds have,
But do they know it?
I wonder.
Funfairs, Volksfest, call them what you will.
An orgasm costs three euros - five for a real heaven and earth experience.
It's true, try it and see !
And, should you say, "Such rides would make me ill"
So what - the chances are you´d say the same in bed.
But, if like me, you relish that glorious surge,
Body tingling and racing heart beat,
Not to mention ecstatic crying out -- well,
Roll up, roll up, try a fun fair.

Note .Below see a slide show of fun fair shots.

Monday, June 16, 2008

BrItain's Best At A Berlin First

As those who read my blog may know , Savignyplatz is a favourite Berlin spot . So much so ,I risk life and limb , to film it whilst riding a bicycle. Imagine therefore my euphoria this weekend on discovering a first ever three day festival was staged there. With so much fabulous music it equalled the Brussels jazz marathon. Three stages , lots to drink, plus gourmet food you could feast on jazz , rhythm and blues , soul , big band ,and more . Saturday was brilliant with Sydney's Blues . Fans of Sydney Bechet take note , this guy is amazing .I've four CD's to help me remember.The Boogie Radio Orchestra and the Ingrid Arthur Band who really brought the house down with their soul and R& B. On Sunday after a bike ride to Potsdam, friends and I were back for more . The heavens opened ,there was thunder and lightening, but did it disperse the crowd ? No ... with music like this on offer, who cares . I can't begin to name all the groups but two stars merit a special word. 'Made in Britain ', so to speak, they had me and thousands more singing , dancing and thinking , when it comes to this kind of music, nobody does it better .I give you Denise Gordon who sang accompanied by Roger and the Evolution and Phil Bates [of ELO fame ] With his German band he had this little lady and many more in a frenzy . Can't wait for next year.and a second event here . Make a note in your diaries.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's A Great Day - Thanks To The Irish.-

It may be a very small country , but the wake up call sent from the Irish public to those smug Brussels Eurocrats has come as a shock. At last, courage via politics in action.
Once again let's hear it for 'small is beautiful' whilst we marvel at this rare example of democracy .
Ireland was the only ,member state to have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty . Take note Brussels .That eighteen member states have said yes is meaningless as their public were not allowed a voice . Had they been able to what then ?
The EU may be reeling in shock but this is largely due to it's having spun out of control. With a massive hierarchy who live extremely well [ not to mention tax free], funded by populations who have no say, they have gone too far . Matters such as this require a referendum. As long as we the tax payers foot the bill , we are the ones who should have the final voice .
As for me I'll be celebrating with homemade Guinness ice cream . Wonderful stuff.
PS ) take note . People most certainly do not want a permanent, unelected European President or, Foreign Minister. Downsizing, less of the 'do as we say , not as we do ' mentality and starting to pay your own taxes plus VAT, may go some way to regaining credibility .

Friday, June 13, 2008

U N = Utter Nitwits .

The United Nations proved it was nothing but a joke , and a money waster years back when it sat by and let the USA manipulate the truth and in so doing create a precedence for preemptive strikes . Not very good . It has recently shown more apathy with the on going charade in Zimbabwe, corrupt generals in Burma and , let's never forget, accepts China ,holder of the gold medal for human rights abuse, as a member of the security council.
For Tibet it does absolutely nothing .. yet ..wait for it .. ,has today issued a dictate that the UK must , yes must , not should , give the public a referendum as to whether the Royal family remain. Oh really . Well all I can say is , the reported 62p per annum paid by each adult tax payer is extremely cheap compared to what we paid for Blair . Also very economical when one considers the amounts given in handouts to many war torn lands .Hand outs which sadly are taken by corrupt regimes. [As one who pays tax to UK this 62p is not begrudged.]
Sri Lanka [home of ethnic unrest if ever] voiced concern over the British monarchy . Hey guys put your own house and corruption in order first . As yet we aren't blowing each other up.
Then Syria stated UK was unfair to Muslims . Why ? They have land for their mosques, are provided with appropriate food in schools and hospitals . Plus we even have Muslims in our parliament . I wonder if Syria can say the same re Christians . Not to be outdone Iran went on to voice concern over Britain's poor record for sexual discrimination ! What ,did this mean-- lack of hijab ? Are we to take it Iranian men need that to tell the difference .
So today Syria , Sri Lanka , Iran , Saudi Arabia and Cuba all had a go at Britain bashing and did so via the Human Rights Council . Sorry but I'm in stitches laughing . They really were off with their timing . This should all have been said on April 1st .Still it is almost the 'silly season'.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Spotted This Week In Berlin .

A wonderful forest, remnants of the 'wall', wild poppies, icecold beer, equestrian antics, fireworks, strange dancers in Alexanderplatz.This and so much more. Part of any day in Berlin .

Sunday, June 01, 2008

What A Way To Go !

I found this snippet today on yahoo and as they said it could be embedded ,here it is for the enjoyment of those who may not have seen. Hmmm ,after mini filming whilst riding my bike ,I now feel inspired to strive towards, dare I say,'greater heights'.

Ps )
Sure beats checkin not to mention fuel taxes