Monday, June 16, 2008

BrItain's Best At A Berlin First

As those who read my blog may know , Savignyplatz is a favourite Berlin spot . So much so ,I risk life and limb , to film it whilst riding a bicycle. Imagine therefore my euphoria this weekend on discovering a first ever three day festival was staged there. With so much fabulous music it equalled the Brussels jazz marathon. Three stages , lots to drink, plus gourmet food you could feast on jazz , rhythm and blues , soul , big band ,and more . Saturday was brilliant with Sydney's Blues . Fans of Sydney Bechet take note , this guy is amazing .I've four CD's to help me remember.The Boogie Radio Orchestra and the Ingrid Arthur Band who really brought the house down with their soul and R& B. On Sunday after a bike ride to Potsdam, friends and I were back for more . The heavens opened ,there was thunder and lightening, but did it disperse the crowd ? No ... with music like this on offer, who cares . I can't begin to name all the groups but two stars merit a special word. 'Made in Britain ', so to speak, they had me and thousands more singing , dancing and thinking , when it comes to this kind of music, nobody does it better .I give you Denise Gordon who sang accompanied by Roger and the Evolution and Phil Bates [of ELO fame ] With his German band he had this little lady and many more in a frenzy . Can't wait for next year.and a second event here . Make a note in your diaries.

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