Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Safe Sex Need Not Be Boring .

The above title refers to the following piece written some years ago in Berlin . A city where , yes the heaven and earth really do move for you if you have a night or two on, or at one of the fabulous Volkesfest -- Try it and test my theory -- Mind you , in an ideal world --

Safe sex need not be boring - far from it
Indeed I think I´ve found the answer
And from the look of things - hundreds have,
But do they know it?
I wonder.
Funfairs, Volksfest, call them what you will.
An orgasm costs three euros - five for a real heaven and earth experience.
It's true, try it and see !
And, should you say, "Such rides would make me ill"
So what - the chances are you´d say the same in bed.
But, if like me, you relish that glorious surge,
Body tingling and racing heart beat,
Not to mention ecstatic crying out -- well,
Roll up, roll up, try a fun fair.

Note .Below see a slide show of fun fair shots.

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