Friday, June 13, 2008

U N = Utter Nitwits .

The United Nations proved it was nothing but a joke , and a money waster years back when it sat by and let the USA manipulate the truth and in so doing create a precedence for preemptive strikes . Not very good . It has recently shown more apathy with the on going charade in Zimbabwe, corrupt generals in Burma and , let's never forget, accepts China ,holder of the gold medal for human rights abuse, as a member of the security council.
For Tibet it does absolutely nothing .. yet ..wait for it .. ,has today issued a dictate that the UK must , yes must , not should , give the public a referendum as to whether the Royal family remain. Oh really . Well all I can say is , the reported 62p per annum paid by each adult tax payer is extremely cheap compared to what we paid for Blair . Also very economical when one considers the amounts given in handouts to many war torn lands .Hand outs which sadly are taken by corrupt regimes. [As one who pays tax to UK this 62p is not begrudged.]
Sri Lanka [home of ethnic unrest if ever] voiced concern over the British monarchy . Hey guys put your own house and corruption in order first . As yet we aren't blowing each other up.
Then Syria stated UK was unfair to Muslims . Why ? They have land for their mosques, are provided with appropriate food in schools and hospitals . Plus we even have Muslims in our parliament . I wonder if Syria can say the same re Christians . Not to be outdone Iran went on to voice concern over Britain's poor record for sexual discrimination ! What ,did this mean-- lack of hijab ? Are we to take it Iranian men need that to tell the difference .
So today Syria , Sri Lanka , Iran , Saudi Arabia and Cuba all had a go at Britain bashing and did so via the Human Rights Council . Sorry but I'm in stitches laughing . They really were off with their timing . This should all have been said on April 1st .Still it is almost the 'silly season'.

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