Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's A Great Day - Thanks To The Irish.-

It may be a very small country , but the wake up call sent from the Irish public to those smug Brussels Eurocrats has come as a shock. At last, courage via politics in action.
Once again let's hear it for 'small is beautiful' whilst we marvel at this rare example of democracy .
Ireland was the only ,member state to have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty . Take note Brussels .That eighteen member states have said yes is meaningless as their public were not allowed a voice . Had they been able to what then ?
The EU may be reeling in shock but this is largely due to it's having spun out of control. With a massive hierarchy who live extremely well [ not to mention tax free], funded by populations who have no say, they have gone too far . Matters such as this require a referendum. As long as we the tax payers foot the bill , we are the ones who should have the final voice .
As for me I'll be celebrating with homemade Guinness ice cream . Wonderful stuff.
PS ) take note . People most certainly do not want a permanent, unelected European President or, Foreign Minister. Downsizing, less of the 'do as we say , not as we do ' mentality and starting to pay your own taxes plus VAT, may go some way to regaining credibility .

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