Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thought for today.

" But it is man's misfortune that at those moments when something new and unknown becomes possible he does not know what he wants,and the opportunity which suddenly appeared as suddenly disappears ."

Ouspensky ( Russian philosopher )

Friday, October 27, 2006

Pictures from an Exhibition .

Last night I attended a photographic exhibition entitled 'Postleitzahl 00000 or The Fool' ,it was held in Prinzlauerberg.
Alternative, as is much of the artists work, it throws a spotlight on human relationships and their interaction within a framework of domestic inertia ,chaos and other problems.
Within each shot one can experience a multitude of emotions .
There was a reading and I have to report that it was,a fascinating evening .
These are just a few of the pictures I took. With permission of course.
We are all voyeurs on life yet so often fail to see. The use of´my camera has, I trust, enabled me to create a sense of being 'THERE' for any readers.
I hope you enjoy..

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blair doesn't care . What's new ?

I read the following on a news screen whilst travelling on the U Bahn today .
" Over 61% of the public polled within Britain are in favour of the British troops stationed in Iraq , being withdrawn ."
What is the response to this by one very unpopular and unwanted Prime Minister ?
Merely that he intends to hold on and keep his nerve. I ask you !
Not only is this man to be likened to a poodle for his lap dog ways round Bush,he is also somewhat of a clown. Keeping HIS nerve ..Not hard to do from Downing Street , surrounded by security plus . What would he know .
I consider it should be a must for the son of that not so very honourable Mr Blair to go and serve along side those unfortunate soldiers .
Doubt if he would see things quite the same then . This was no war , there was no justification . Merely a pack of lies with the initials B and B all over them .
Mr Blair send your son. Better still go yourself and stand in the the shoes of others .
Yes you have nerve ,but only in the sense that you have a brazen cheek .

Paradise found -- Open all hours .

My post yesterday entitled 'Another Day in Paradise' was not just because of the furs and the weather .
Paradise,we are told,had a wonderful garden,full of plenty.
Well for me the world is still a paradise and yes we do have an abundance of amazing foods . (Sadly it is not as evenly distributed as it should be.) Lovers of fast food and chemically enhanced produce may learn something here or simply quit reading.
The pictures above show a sensational fruit and vegetable shop within S Bahn Station Lichterfelde Ost .
Open 24 hours a day , seven days a week (most unusual in Berlin ) it is owned by a Turkish gentleman and is a work of art . The variety of nuts is overwhelming , tropical fruits likewise and all I could do was to keep on buying . I bought parsnips to roast , some honey with thyme , spiced nuts ,tropical tomatoes and so much more.
The bouquets of vegetables make a present with a difference . There were also baskets of dates , figs and dried fruits .The list of goods on offer seems endless.
In Autumn and Winter nothing is as welcome and tasty as a home made soup and I can honestly say mine take some beating . The ingredients here are class A .I shall be returning .

Monday, October 23, 2006

Another Day in Paradise .

Monday 23rd October and Berlin weather has been sunny with strong, warm breezes which ruffle your hair ,caress your face and make the trees dance and shake so as to create music with their leaves ..
It was a perfect day therefore to take the S Bahn and visit 'Fechner Design' in Lichterfelde Ost. There were the amazing items from Saturday and yes --I did try several on . BEAUTIFUL
The one I was really interested in had already been sold . As it had not been collected by the buyer I was able to try and oh, this jacket is ME !*
Herr Fechner assures me that he will be able to make another and it would take around five weeks .
To complete my day I did bring my lovely mink home from storage . My fox fur coat remains until we are experiencing colder days.

*(For those interested it is the brown jacket worn by a model with long blonde hair .
See post for 21st Oct .)

***to the anonymous comment writer I say :-
" now is your chance to make good your offer"
Some how though I doubt you will be doing .........

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Further Furry Fun .

Just want to share some more pictures with you . Last night & early hours there were a few techno problems with Blogger . Let's hope all is running smoothly now .
To the gentleman who has offered to buy me a coat I say thank you BUT am aware how true the saying is ," talk is cheap " .. Fur coats are most definitely not .
Still you may be genuine . What a blog that would make.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fechner Fashion ,Fur and Fun

What a brilliant night it was at the Fechner Fur Show .

Held in conjunction with Kopenhagen Fur it was spectacular .
The venue was the K P M Halle in the Tiergarten.* This is a place to visit for those intending to visit Berlin.
I could never begin to describe all the fashion and my camera work does not do justice to the elegance and beauty of the designs.
After this evening I have a new found respect for fashion photographers. One has to be quick to get those shots .
There was champagne which was constantly topped up and later some beautiful presents . For the ladies a leather case full of cosmetics .For the gentlemen a leather and fur key ring. Ideal for stroking ones special partner ... Maybe ...
Did I see anything special ? Oh for sure . A marvelous blouson jacket .
The price is as yet unknown .. If any wealthy man would like to buy Miss Vixen the jacket of her dreams .. Well all I can say is "feel free ."

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sex in the City .

I hope that the above pictures prove fun for you .
Messe Berlin , which is minutes from my home stages some wonderful exhibitions .
Today it seems that Hot Movies ( what I wonder are cold ones ) was the theme.
I had to get off the bus and take these shots for your enjoyment.
Yes,I am sure gentlemen readers will appreciate.
The Venus event is an expo for all sorts of sexual items and erotica..
It could be worth a visit just for the sheer fun of it . As Berlin's foxy lady I am still of the opinion that natural is best and yes that includes fur, maybe leather boots but a must have are , lovely ,lovely hands .

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mega Magic Boots.

This picture was taken today whilst I was out and about in Berlin wearing what are , for me ,my mega magic boots . These have a feel good factor of ++++++++++++++++
Take careful note also of my sexy George ,Gina ,Lucy Bag under the table . Black, with a fantastic piece of metalwork on the front .What a combination.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Boots that Men find Magic .

You know when you’re doing some thing right.Well wearing these boots gives me that 'feel good factor'-
They can even stop the traffic ! Honestly . For example ........
On Saturday morning I went out to the bus stop . No sooner was I there when a very new black Mercedes pulled in and the extremely handsome driver asked if he could take me to wherever I wished to go.
I graciously accepted and was glad of the ride to Schlutter Strasse .
Mind you everything has a down side ……Seems he works for Ryan Air .
How do I do it ? Still he does have great taste in boots..

Yet another Jewel in Berlin.

As all who know me are aware I am anti - smoking . For a variety of reasons but mainly health related .
On the 20th April I posted a blog entitled "Success at Last". Finding cafes , restaurants etc here in Berlin with a none smoking policy is not easy .
Imagine my delight therefore when yesterday I came across another superb place.
Reader do take note:-
'Suppe & Kaffee' is to be found at Berliner Strasse 39, near to U Bahn Blisse Strasse,and several main bus stops . For any planning a trip to Berlin this is in the Wilmersdorf /Charlottenburg area.
Run by a terrific couple it is well thought out with many features in mind . Air conditioning and wheelchair access.
They make a variety of delicious soups each day . No enhancers or instant ingredients are used . Baked Potatoes ,salads and bagels Their selection is satisfying and also well priced .
Seating is comfortable and the warm decor pleasant.
'Suppe & Kaffee 'also caters for those who wish to take away ... ideal for people who enjoy a really good home made soup but have neither time nor talent for cooking .Worthy of note is that they run a delivery service for business meetings etc .
A bonus system operates with each purchase so all in all it's a great place to visit .
I discovered Suppe & Kaffee as I wanted a quick coffee. Amazing what you find in Berlin . This is yet another place on Miss Vixen's list .

As a footnote let me add that:-
Life has been very busy with lot's of fun since last Tuesday ..My new boots are amazing , wonderful to wear and reader, .... YES ,they do stop the traffic , but that's another story .

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Miss Vixen's Ode to Joy .

Oh I feel wonderful ! It is a terrific feeling .
To awaken after an amazingly deep sleep ,in my own bed , kept extra warm by my furry cover. The sun streaming through the windows as well . Yes ,home feels sensational.
Telephone calls have been fun and a friend and I are going to the Fur Show . Then later that week to their exhibition .
Tonight another friend is calling round and we are going out to eat at a small Italian place where the food is excellent . My General Practitioner has spoken and is of the opinion I did the right thing yesterday in saying no and leaving the scene..My input ? Well exercises and do you know what ? I am feeling better , looking better and just want to sing !! Now it's time to go and see to work, some shopping and who knows what ... life has such a lovely way of surprising you .Not to mention teaching you more about yourself ...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cowardice or Courage ?

Well it is now 8:40pm on the 10th October and I'm home . That didn't take long did it?
All seemed fine until a rather unpleasant female Doctor began to speak to me as one would chastise a 5 year old. Then go on to inform me that ,no , after the operation I wouldn't walk as I had hoped - EVER .... NOT ,a terrific sales pitch . Unaccustomed as she was to patients having their say it didn't take long before we clashed and I informed her there would be no surgery .
You may call me a coward and who knows I could be . But saying no requires courage .
All too often we fail to listen to that inner voice that says STOP .
I have had enough of being bullied and browbeaten in such situations .Therefore, having come across yet another inhuman type it was red alert for Miss Vixen .
The plus is I am home and yes Cinderella will go to the ball on the 21st October .

Notes to ponder:
I went into hospital dressed well , looking good and feeling good . Maybe this is what upset a certain Doctor .
The taxi driver who brought me home had many a horror story of that particular dept to tell me .
Yes our inner voice is always worth listening to .

Miss Vixen goes in Hospital

It's 6.24 am here in Berlin , Tuesday the 10th October . Have just had my coffee.
In just over thirty minutes I have to set off for the hospital and yes ,am feeling such a mixture of emotions ,it is unreal .
But ... never the less am wearing my best sexy boots .An outward symbol of the inner me that says ,"ok the next few weeks will be tough and painful but Miss Vixen will survive ".
Hope to be back with you all as soon as possible . If the technology in my hospital room is working .. maybe even tonight ..
Until whenever and wishing you all lots of fun .

Monday, October 09, 2006

Message to Bush !

Over three years ago millions around the world considered your illegal , preemptive, strike against Iraq to be unacceptable . To this very date you are viewed with contempt by most of the world for your deed . You have destroyed a nation , tortured detainees and stolen the assets of this land .
Today you have the nerve to say that one nuclear test carried out by North Korea is a threat and unacceptable ..
Why is this ? Could it be they are not on your payroll ?
You , Mr Bush ,are the only threat to this world and to world peace .
Put your own country in order first .

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Do as we say --- not as we do !

Can you remember the outrage from adults if ,as a minor you were caught smoking or drinking ?
After telling one off,they themselves would calmly light up . Or announce they were off to the Pub .
It always seemed a ridiculous way of dealing with matters and only showed what hypocrites most are .
So it is with weapons ... Ok I did warn you all that when it comes to such , I am a 'born again Lysistrata' . See blog :- I am in good company 26th September
North Korea has announced it plans to test a nuclear bomb . I am neither impressed or threatened . However I am sickened by the outcry from the UN security council .
They are condemning ,threatening and behaving just as most silly adults do .
When all possess weapons , which they test etc. I for one say, "Double standards on a grand scale ."
North Korea , odd nation that they may seem ... do not constantly wage war around the world . The same is true of Iran .
How about USA , UK , Russia ,France , China , India , Pakistan and oh so many more ....Let's see them kick their habit into touch and scrap all that they have .
In the words of the late John Lennon --- 'Imagine !

Forward planning not ,forward march

All who know me are aware of my weakness for boots . I make no apologies. Once again the stores are full of designs to lure and tempt . Oh I love them all .
So it should come as no surprise therefore that yesterday yet another pair was purchased.
Long , brown leather , sensual stitching and with a zip . Made in Italy they are best described as classical and elegant .
Let's view them as forward planning. They will be ideal at the Ostsee for strolling along the sea front. Boots were made for such..and more ..but ..
Not for military combat . .

Miss Vixen (Berlin's foxiest lady and soul sister to Lysistrata )

Friday, October 06, 2006

Wanted --A furry, no ,fairy Godmother .

Yesterday I made a call to my furrier . They will deliver my favourite coat to me .
Wonderful ! Then I was told an invitation is in the post.
Yes ,a fabulous fashion show of fur is to take place . Lots of fox jackets as well this year .. The problem ?
It's on Saturday 21st October and where will Miss Vixen be ? Why-- in hospital.
Now I know how Cinderella felt .
There is a chance for me though . First-----hard work with my physiotherapy.
Then secondly, try and use the German attitude to weekends whilst in hospital . They actually allow you out for a day or even home the weekend. Almost like parole .
Am keeping fingers crossed the professor agrees and that a suitable Prince Charming will drive me to the party .....
Just in case a fairy Godmother does hear my plea I'm packing a special outfit . No glass slippers though , but lovely ,sexy boots.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Miss Vixen prepares

Not long until the 10th and hospital .
Come to think of it -- this time next week I'll be made to stand and walk. Sounds all so Biblical doesn't it? Just as long as they don't ask me to 'take up my bed '.
I still am wanting my dream of the other week to come true and the 12th see me leaping 'a la un petite gazelle' round my room .
To date people have been amazing . Almost as good as British Airways helping you plan a journey which will cover many continents.
German administration runs like a Rolls Royce .It is something to behold and all done with courtesy and such charm. Therefore it's proving fun not ,stress.
Manicure and pedicure are done.Facial etc is set for Monday .A couple of delightful new items for my wardrobe have been purchased and ,the question of the necessary special connection for my pc has been resolved . This with the help of numerous German men. When it comes to pc techno know how always ask a German !
To these guys a special thank you . They have all been patient and brilliant .
Off shortly to see to some more. Tomorrow meet up with a friend for a long lunch .Weekend will be spent packing .
Oh yes must also call my furrier .... hey a must do .
It really is turning out to be like a great adventure . One that will make things right not to mention enable me to do some teaching work in Lebanon as soon as possible .
Until later ....
Miss Vixen ( Berlin's foxiest lady )

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Biannual Pilgrimage

Catholics try to make it to Lourdes or Rome . Muslims to Mecca . Jews to Jerusalem . Miss Vixen ..... HOSPITAL ! Awful but true .
For the last decade or so a biannual visitation to one of these most 'unholy places 'has been made . Usually due to an accident . Yes , I am notoriously prone to such .
This time it's somewhat different . A total replacement for my knee joint is called for and I for one am now looking forward to it .
All stems fromt an RTA years back when a drunken driver knocked me down smashing my legs and hips into rather too many pieces .
As those who know me can testify I was truly sensationally reassembled and could outpace most in any number of situations.
This summer I had X:Rays which revealed that my long suffering knees were packing up .The sudden agonizing pain was their way of telling me .
So October 10th I go into Buch Krankenhaus . On the 11th I have my operation . Three weeks later I come home , only to pack my case again and go away (hopefully to the Ostee for my Cure ) Reader ,I can tell you now ,after a morning of mud baths , massage and hydrotherapy , Miss Vixen will be walking elegantly along the sea front wearing her mink and boots .
I am to have my own room and internet connection too,so contact with the world and my blog will be maintained.
The Orthopaedics Professor has been wonderful. Indeed so many have . At first I was afraid . No more though . Am packing my bag as if for a holiday . This foxylady will soon out run any .. Several have challenged me.......... To these I say fine but you have been warned ........