Friday, June 30, 2006

Fever pitch, Wagner ,not to mention, "Who let the dog out ?"

No idea at this hour who will win but what I can say is,.....
It's a terrific party !

Humour is the best medium.

Ok so the world likes to say what a stodgy , humourless folk the Germans are.
I for one can't say this has been my experience . Cartoons and funny postcards were always on hand when I was learning German. To date my collection of such is considerable .
The world cup has produced this little gem. Specially done for the Polizei Berlin, it carries the message of zero tolerance and makes one smile . Today I was able to add to my collection along with much more information . Given out along with pens and badges by police (who by the way ,spoke several languages )it carried the message.
Britain take note . Security can be achieved for the masses minus a 'them and us' policy . As I write this there isn't a screen left for public viewing in UK . All have had to be shut down . For a land famous for Monty Python, what I wonder has gone wrong ?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's a sin.

If you have read my profile you'll know that the title of today's blog is also that of my favourite song !
Here is a picture of another favourite sin of mine. Today I indulged in this particular, delicious, creamy offering. Known as , " A Sugar Island ",it contains a mixture of ices with chocolate sauce and caramelized walnuts. Not forgetting the usual whipped cream ...........
Having sinned ,it's now time for the penance. Maybe thirty minutes on my exercise bike in time to a tape of The Pet Shop Boys singing that all time great, will have me back in form and ready to sin some more . Mmmmmmm what a lovely thought .

Friday, June 23, 2006

Coming Shortly .

Yes it's half time and the score is Togo 0 ---- France 0.
If I could, I would serve ice-cream and cold drinks but cyber does have limitations .
However , I can take this opportunity to draw your attention to another forthcoming contest .
No ... not a repeat of the World Cup and this time you could be the winner . Let me explain.
I have been out and about photographing those people who play a professional role in caring for Miss Vixen.
ie )Boot maker,beautician,furrier, bookseller,physiotherapist, etc to name but a few.
These pictures will be displayed here. All that is required is for you to match the correct face to the correct occupation . Easy ? We shall see.
It will entail you sending your entries to the comments page .So best you send a name. Why ?
Well the winner , in true fashion , gets a prize !
It could be you . So not a time to remain anonymous.. Make up a name but be distinctive .
Now , back to the match and my participation .
Miss Vixen is looking forward to yours .

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Miss Vixen has a dilemma .

It's very hot and the game between Germany and Ecuador is underway.
Of course I have loyalty to my adoptive land and am wearing their colours.
It's 20th June and in the history of German football rather a black day it seems.
Well we have started well but as I type there's a long way to go and nothing is over until that final whistle .
Later today I'll be sporting English colours as my home country plays Sweden .
So why a dilemma ?
Watching the progress I wonder what "if","when" , Germany and England meet.
Which colours to wear ?
In this weather the famous German FKK ( nudity ) would be most practical and for sure I wouldn't be showing my loyalties .
I have discussed with German contacts and they all find the idea , --- would you believe , "cool".

Late night edition......
Germany played brilliantly . 3-0 so now play Sweden on Saturday .
England seemed to lose their act achieving a 2-2 draw.Their next game is with Ecuador on Sunday .
Meanwhile the weather gets hotter and hotter and if it continues this way FKK will be the only way .

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Miss Vixen finds her logo .

Yesterday whilst in Schlütterstrasse I went into a sensational antique shop to buy a special present for a friend. The article had been much sought but never found . As is the way with such matters what I was seeking , almost knocked on the shop window .
But a second surprise awaited me .
In a vitrine I spotted the above ! In summer minus my furs (my hall mark so to speak ) what to do ? Here is the answer .... my logo and summer wear .
It is French and in the Art Deco style. Photographs do not do it justice .
As you will note the above appears almost white the second , shell pink .
In reality it changes with the light and has a lustre which resembles Mother of Pearl .
I love the eyes and the sweep of the tail . It has such movement .
Miss Vixen wears a lot of black and this brooch looks effective through it's simplicity and sensual lines.
It is a 'one off '....hence we go well together .

Miss Vixen goes Digi Cam

Yesterday,the first game to be played in Berlin was between Brazil and Crotia. Travelling on the S Bahn I met this character . He certainly had his hands full with a rather 'unsual ' replica of the World Cup .

More Brazilian fans.All keen to say "world cup".

No this isn't a fan but a walking condom !!!
Do look up :- .This is an amazing website encouraging safe sex with particular emphasis on prostitution. In 10 languages it seeks to promote safety for all concerned . If you click on Fair Play you will learn quite a lot .
Last night the above person was handing out postcards. Headed ,"Dont shoot an own goal" these made interesting reading . There were also free condoms .
Miss Vixen promised she would make mention of their work . All projects which seek to prevent the spread of STD's are to be supported.

Face painting underway.

As people went through the barriers there was a security check . This was carried out efficiently and with good will on both sides.

Just incase you thought I was all for Brasil --- here are some Croatian fans . It is getting late and time to make their way in.

* as we now know Brasil won 1-0. The atmosphere was terrific as was the humour .
Being amongst the crowds you could only marvel at the way the Police handled everything . They were surprisingly low key and clearly enjoying the day as much as the crowd ( and Miss Vixen ).

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Miss Vixen joins in.

This is a report from Germany , host of the World Cup 2006.
The following is an accurate score :-
Serbia and Montenegro 0---- Holland 1----Miss V 24km , 700kcals .
Yes ,today I joined in and my 90 minutes of effort produced that result .
Not bad considering it was extremely hot here and the trainer was set for a pretty hard work out .
If I manage to do this at least one game per day I think we can safely say :-
Madonna watch out --- Miss Vixen's about !
Before I go you may as well know that I also went along with Portugal and Angola for the full 90 mins . I do have witnesses.
Score there :- Portugal 1--- Angola 0---- Miss V 21km. 653 kcals .
How am I feeling ? Sensational !

Saturday, June 10, 2006

At Last ---World Cup 2006

Anybody who doesn't know its the World Cup must be experiencing problems on a grand scale .
Love it or loathe it, the fun and games has begun and I for one enjoy it.
If it means less of a certain grinning President not to mention his buddy , ( "please let me be a president too") Prime Minister with his latest freebie holiday scam.... then great , magnificent........give Miss Vixen football.
Sure these players get paid lots of money but so do that not very dynamic duo along with their henchmen and since when were they enjoyable ?
Miss Vixen likes the game , the colour the atmosphere and yes , she has to confess to being somewhat fascinated by footballers legs !
For me this event is preferable to the Olympics which is plagued and marred by doping scandals .
Football is a sport played world wide and is accessible to the poorest of the poor .
Wherever I go I never cease to marvel at the energy and passion put into this game . Man U and Beckham should really appear in the essential vocabulary list of every traveler's guide .
The length of each game is perfect plus for me awakens some fond memories of my early teaching days. This year these memories have developed a positive idea.
A year at an inner city school found Miss Vixen responsible for swimming and sport as extra activities. After school and in all weathers ,she was to be found riding a bicycle around the pitch taking training sessions !!!
Today England have their first match . I will be wearing my new rather sexy England top and cheering them on .
Lots of games are yet to be played . I wont be glued to the box ! For the 'biggies' I'll go to the venues where party spirit prevails .
But don't worry no couch potato is likely to develop over the next weeks .
I have decided a great way of joining in(yes back to legs ), is as follows :-
Riding one's exercise bike whilst viewing guarantees 90 minutes fantastic , fitness training . Last night I was out watching the opening game . On my return this brilliant notion was put into practice .How did it feel at the end ?
Hmmmmmm well I cant really say as you see I got a phone call ....................
Yes I could have said call back later but that was fun of another kind and not just any caller .Mind you next time may see me doing both ....I feel sure this particular caller wouldn't object !!!!
Finally. This event forces us to realize that there are other countries .
Other national anthems . Other flags and that this world is not an exclusive white Caucasian club.
That alone makes it worthwhile .

An Afternoon in Istanbul with Miss Vixen

There are several 'gateways' into the Grand Bazaar. This is one of them and believe me it was an extremely hot day . On entering one is overwhelmed by the range of goods. I really was fit to drop. Who ,I wondered bought all the wares and how ever did so many traders make a living ?
Unanswered questions.

At last I see the Blue Mosque with it's distinctive 'six' minarets.
Once inside I was to see something rather unusual..
Not exactly in keeping ,but, a sign of the times .

Infront of me a group of children sit with their teachers . I am fascinated that a Beckham T Shirt is worn with pride. It never ceases to amaze me . One can be in any country , not speak the language , but Beckham is a starter for 10 !
Let's hope the wearer can do as well as his "hero David".

Outside and ready to walk to the Galata bridge .... or am I ?

The fisher men on the Galata Bridge are quite a feature. This wonderfully weathered character was so proud to pose with the sardines he had caught . I was offered several free of charge . But .... declined gracefully .
It had been a long but enjoyable afternoon and all that was needed now was a shower. A short rest then out for an evening ........

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Miss Vixen returns

It's Thursday midday and I'm in the B A lounge at Istanbul Airport. It seems so very cool and extremely tranquil after the city.
My journey here was excellent and made all the more pleasurable by an extremely animated conversation (in German) with the taxi driver.
No we didn't discuss fur coats or boots for that in a roundabout manner. Our topic ?
What else........ The World Cup ! Unity through sport.
The airport is extremely well run and has a level of cleanliness throughout that a rather large, similar establishment in London could do well to emulate.
So what are my views re Istanbul?
First of all Huxley is spot on with his words. It has been a constant round of interaction and I have met and shared time with some fascinating people. Add to this numerous examples of kindness, humanity and yes, once again those politicians who seek to brain wash us through fear via all forms of mistrust are proven to be the only real danger we have to guard against.
People are the currency of this world. So I was wealthy in my encounters:-
a) one young lady from Iran here to get a Visa as she has been awarded a scholarship at an American university was in tears.It wasn't so much the refusal but the degradation and treatment she had endured at the hands of some power crazed official at the American Consulate.
b) another young lady a Doctor from Baghdad was making a professional visit. She has now been sent by her parents to Jordan as the situation at home is too terrible. Daily death tolls are staggering, women's freedoms have been curtailed. She was ecstatic to learn of my experiences in her home land. We will remain in contact and hopefully meet again.
c) a fantastic young lady recently arrived from UK with her husband . She and I got talking in a coffee shop. Only hours later did we get back to where we began .I had been able to show her how great the bus system here is and we'd done a whistle stop tour of the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar.
d) a former teaching colleague and friend , not seen in a long time .Being together again was as if time had stood still.
Always good at languages she now speaks Turkish. Meeting her partner and seeing how happy she is with him and visa versa was great.
e) a lady who showed me how to use the bus system , gave me tickets . The following day both of us went on a ferry to the Black sea. Her English was excellent as was her humour.
These are but a few of my encounters . There have been many more.
Miss Vixen is not just a femme fatal you see. She is involved and engaged in the world and in human rights .
She is of the opinion that the more discussion there is between us , the public ,the greater the hope for our world .
Yes ..... it is OUR world . All of us . It doesn't belong to a handful of politicians nor to one major power.
About Istanbul itself ? May be more later.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Thoughts for Today

This evening I will be in Istanbul and enjoying a stroll along the waters there .
What lies ahead is as yet unknown but for sure it will be enjoyable.
The following words from Aldous Huxley are with me whenever I travel :-

"The traveller's-eye view of men and women is not satisyfying. A man might spend his life in trains and restaurants and know nothing of humanity at the end . To know,one must be an actor as well as a spectator."

Only by Thursday will I know if I share the sentiments of Alphonse de Lamartine when he said :-

"If one had but a single glance to give the world ,one should gaze on Istanbul "

But for now I have much to do .....Miss Vixen has to prepare .

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Z is for Zotter

Oh I know I'm terrible for this use of the alphabet but today there is a good reason .
Zotter is real , Zotter is wonderful , Zotter is everything you could wish for .
You may ask ,"what is Zotter?"
It is chocolate but not just any chocolate .
It is fair trade / hand made and what is more ,the firm are now working towards using only ingredients which are both organic and certified .
Yet for all of this ,Zotter is not expensive .
Today I received an order of their goods ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
One in particular could be ideal for somebody I know :-
called "Für Jäger und Gejagte " ( For Hunter and Hunted ) it contains whisky .
Do try and look at their web site. It is
An Austrian firm ,they have one of the best sites I have ever seen .
You'll be able to select your language then drool as you read descriptions of 75 different kinds of chocolate plus much ,much more
For sure you will marvel at the wrappers which can be described as works of art.
Then take my word for it the contents are so delicious no amount of adjectives can truly do them justice.
Temptation yes but also a super idea for special presents .
Take this as my tip for today , tomorrow and forever try Zotter !
The arrival of my package was a great start to June . This week so far having been plagued by matters technical ...
That being said I had ended May in an appropriate manner . Yes , so awful was the weather yesterday that I wore my mink which gave me 'the feel good factor.'
On calling in to chat with my furrier my blog was discussed and there is a possiblity that on my return from Istanbul we could do a selection of photos to illustrate the amazing world of fur.............
So much to enjoy in life :- Zotter chocolate ,travel to Istanbul ,worldcup football, fur.
To name but a few ...................