Thursday, February 06, 2014

Photography, Physiotherapy ,Planes

It's almost a year since my first accident and the motivation to get moving and rebuild  wasted muscles has come mainly through photography. Especially planes .
It's not far to the airport and amazing fun trying out the locations used by the regular spotters. Climbing up required help as did getting down but wow did it feel good  !
In my eyes, not only are planes beautiful  they are motivators. British Airways , Air Berlin, here I come .

Saturday, February 01, 2014

How to Chill Out In An Easterly Wind

Until recently the winter weather has been mild .However like all things it changed as winds from the East and North East blew in cutting at your skin like glass..
Dressed appropriately it was pleasant and the white covering of the city was beautiful. My favourite is the ice with such astonishing patterns in it. Last weekend I was out and about and can honestly say it was great. Enjoy some of the chilly shots.