Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day Geese

These beautiful geese were seen and heard over Scolty today . The climb was tough and the descent worse but somehow they made it all worth while .

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Black Kilts Pipes and Drums .

'Europe', that source of much political muttering is also a rather wonderful place.
Within the land mass of so many countries one finds an admiration and appreciation for 'foriegn ' cultures, especially in the world of music and dance . Yesterday at The Berlin English Church Christmas bazar ,this group were performing Scottish pipe and drums music . The lighting is poor due to my cam but never the less , enjoy.
All the musicians are German . The link to their website is:-

Not Quite A Wandering Minstrel.

Whilst out and about on Friday I saw and heard several street musicians .Usually it's the accordion players who get me dancing . However this well known guitar player ( sure, he travels Europe) kept appearing at each station . Here in Mohrenstrasse U Bahn the marble made for great acoustics .My singing is not quite Ella F but hey who cares ?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Ms V Likes To Be Beside the Seaside.

What better place to be than Zinnowitz on the Ostsee. A spectacular little resort with a sandy beach and waves that hypnotise . Even Father Christmas had stopped off for a Gluhwein. He said he remembered me as a little girl with plaits .. ( I wonder )

* Find time to read the entry in Wikipedia re Zinnowitz. It has a fascinating history .

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Snow Alien and Miss Vixen.

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Today was snowy , cold ,but just right for kite flying . So off to Teufelsberg and look who I met !
A snowman alien . Absolutely harmless though ..or should that be 'armless' ?
Now who can guess what I whispered in his ear .. as you can see , it sure made him blush .
Any suggestions ?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Teufelsberg - From Cold War To Historical Hotspot

Berlin is famous for many things and has more than its fair share of interesting places to visit.
One spot , often overlooked is , in my opinion a must do .It's Teufelsberg [Devil's Mountain] . Linked historically to the second world war and the cold war , it provides a view of the city which you'll never forget. This man made mini mountain created from the ruins of the city rises 80 metre above Berlin. It is also supposedly built on a military college designed by Albert Speer.
Throughout the occupation of what was formerly west Berlin , Teufelsberg was home to one of the largest listening stations . Go to for more information . On Friday I climbed up to this now abandoned structure and took these pictures . The air of desolation was eerie, plus the wind blowing through the weird towers made ghostly noises . The little video provides evidence of this .For a day with a difference , try Teufelsberg !

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alternative Pie - (Indeed rather fishy )

This delicious offering was created just for yours truly today--- A fish pie par excellence. Made by a wandering Viking ,not only did it have my mouth watering ,but it meant I had to consume a helping of 'humble pie ' . I simply failed to believe that any weird Nordic type could produce such a work . Served with green beans it earned 2 Michelin stars . Trust me , I am one fussy foxy lady but second helpings were called for here . Yummy .Should any one want the recipe just get in touch .
A few of the ingredients to tempt you :-´
fish[ varied] 700g, leeks, chives, onion, creme fraiche , 8 quails eggs[ boiled], fish stock ,butter,
emmenthal cheese and puff pastry for topping .

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Danish Superman ?

Once more Jens Galschiot shows us how actions can speak louder than words. Only months since the Olympic games closed ( remember Orange ) and he's able to present work to highlight the difficulties of those who are 'home less ' Another facet of human rights . This week finds him flying to London to join a conference in Cardiff, Wales. He will present the first of a series of 30 bronze sculptures depicting homeless people.I received this information today and take pleasure in giving you this information.

'SAS has sponsored the flight. The homeless man will travel as an ordinary passenger, but on first class, as the tourist class does not have sufficient space for the big sculpture. The sculpture will be a part of a travelling exhibition of 30 homeless sculptures scheduled to be displayed in all European capitals in 2010 to fan a debate about the situation of homeless people.You’ll find the press release below with a photo at '

Sunday, November 09, 2008

BP Gives You Energy


No this isn't a posting for British Petroleum ..but rather a recipe for a healthy dessert with a difference .
Beetroot Ice cream served with Pomegranate seeds ! Simply delicious and I could, if requested, provide testimonials.
Take two small cartons of soya cuisine and whisk well . Add honey ( clear ). Cinnamon to taste .Mix well.
To this mixture add two precooked beetroots ,well pulped to a puree. . Whisk again , adding sugar to taste .
You wont need much as beetroots are naturally sweet. Pour into a container and freeze. Or ,into an ice cream maker ,following maker's instructions .
Serve with fresh pomegranate seeds . The photograph gives you some idea of what a colourful dish this is .
NB) Many people have a lactose intolerance and ice cream made using soya is ideal for overcoming this dilemma .
It requires no cooking and no eggs are used . Good for those with high cholesterol.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Snot Green Sea and More .

Last Thursday was a special day. Excitement knew no limits when, (just as I was leaving for the airport ), a brand new camera arrived to replace that which had 'died' in France . It felt good to be going back to Ireland with a camera worthy of the name .

The above collage shows :-
Top L-R Sunday's amazing rainbow arched over the famous snot green sea,then a shot through a sculpture with a difference 'the Mothership, 'at Sandycove .One superb piece of graffiti.
Middle L-R the entrance of the National Concert Hall, More graffiti , James Joyce/ Martello Tower.
Lower L-R Guinness brewery, Guinness Brewery , Arriving Dublin .

Saturday night and The Bankers Comedy Club. Dublin has many as there is a lot of talent . Above the collage a sign which says it all . On each side of this gem, two really funny comedians.

L---Kevin Gildea , R---Derek Ryan.

Hope you enjoy this little video of Derek Ryan who used my cam to take this last picture of the audience .Interesting to see how we look to performers .

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What A Witch Is Vix.

At last the truth is out ........However, a broomstick would have been more efficient than a certain airline today , but that's another story .

You Are 70% Witch

You've got some pretty witchy stuff going on.

Even if you're not a witch, you've got to admit that you're a little freaky.

You have a strong independent streak - social norms be damned. More power to you.

Luckily, the time when you would have been burned at the stake has passed!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meet The Nightcrowd Bluesband.

I first saw this group at the Brussels 2008 Jazz Festival . What a sound ! Their music is terrific but the same could not be said of my digi cam recordings True to his word ,Don, the pianist sent me a present of such. Here are the players ... later on after some techno editing I'll add some more. So it's nearly November but on hearing this I'm transported back to a Brussels square on a warm sunny night .. OK it ended with a down pour but all part of the fun .. and after this sort of music ,I for one ,needed to cool down .

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back In The Saddle .

With apologies to Dr Feelgood :-

'This little Vixen went a cycling ,
' something she cant get enough of .....´There are other things , but this makes sure she's top fit ,and, that being said , the rest is a dream.............

Monday, October 06, 2008

Calling All Skype Users

Oh how funny , how true to form. As the song goes , 'when will they ever learn?'
I refer to our comrades in China .. where else ? Not content with abusing human rights and getting away with it .[IOC take note ] .they are now infiltrating Skype with illegal software . I advise all of you to go to this link :-
Read it and then, if like me, you like to use skype, feel free to use the limerick I've composed especially for THEM. Send to a friend whilst online-- That should have their 'keywords spyware' bleeping . Don't know about you ,but I 'm really sick and tired of the Big Brother creeps of this world . My communications are private . Harmless as well. Having an opinion is not an offence . Real education encourages such . Brainwashing seeks to eradicate . Which do you choose ?

A very old man in Tibet ,
Got his feet incredibly wet ,
Then his coat which was silk ,
Was covered in milk....
Not good for the man in Tibet .

In order to get himself dry ,
He jumped up as high as the sky,
This didn't win gold .As by then the milk mould
Had caused our poor man to die .

So my friends from now on take note ,
Have no nasty milk on your coat ,
Keep you feet nice and dry , Stay away from the sky
And then you're not likely to croak .

Monday, September 29, 2008

Goodbye Summer , Goodbye France .

This is being written enroute back to Berlin . Summer came , was, and went .
Now here we are in Autumn with all the lovely things this season has to offer .
Meanwhile here are some of the ‘ last’ images from France .Final bacon sarnie , last shot of a bat departing a musical rendition given by myself and a guitarist (is this a bad review or a case of overwhelmed ) Bat watching proved an intriguing pastime . The inside of the local church . Never open now ,save for funerals . A pity but France has too few priests . There is also a tribute entitled ‘bye bye birdie’. The birds of prey in this region are spectacular and abundant .Thanks to zero use of pesticides and lethal chemicals . Off to mass and then horror of horrors , the last dregs from a foxy bottle . Too special to throw away ,this bottle will be converted into a lampshade . Kitch , maybe, but on dark nights its light may serve to remind me of long, sunny, summer days full of madness . Life is too short to miss such

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Ripping Good Time In Lourdes

Last weekend I travelled back to Lourdes . It was just as before :-
busy yet peaceful , spiritual yet fun, multicultural yet united, a veritable tower of Babel in fact .
Someone I know summed it up when they said ," if you didn't know Lourdes was a shrine and place of pilgrimage you would think you were in a first rate place for fun. " Indeed one is, as the humanity plus common purpose unite crowds in a mystical way. Adventure too was my lot . Late on the Friday night I and others found ourselves locked in the Grotto Sanctuary .Pretty hilarious stuff .It ended up with us scaling some high railings .Fortunately a very strong Sir Galahad was in our midst and he helped heave us safely to the other side .Not though before my pants got caught and ripped . In the collage you'll see shots of the spot .( taken the next day ) No I didn't do a full action replay . On the Sunday we travelled way up the Pyrenees via the funicular.For the views , the caves , the restaurant this is well worth it . Then for a second visit to City St Pierre .
The weather was warm and all in all it was a wonderful weekend break . So ok, my pants got torn .
Well the English do speak of having a ripping good time ! Only this time it wasn't lashings and lashings of ginger beer ... Guess what instead ..
ps) I've no idea why clothes hang on the fence .Maybe others followed us .

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Suspense Big Time ..

Yesterday I was taken to see this amazing suspension bridge .near to Chambon. Known as the St Marien it was built in 1921 and is situated where the Tardes and Cher rivers meet . After quite a climb one reaches the tiny chapel of St Radegonde. There are well placed seats where one can rest and take in the spectacular views . Nearby there is a famous viaduct built by Eiffel and , would you believe,gold mines . Something at every turn .One could say ,"a place for all seasons ."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pick a Quiz

Hope you enjoy the latest feed to, 'Blogthings. These quizzes are fun and remarkably near the mark.Here's one I did earlier. Astonishing stuff . Enjoy ......

You Are 52% Goth

You definitely have some gothicness going on, but you're far from being a stereotypical goth.

You enjoy certain elements of goth culture, but you're not going to be into something simply because it's goth.

It's likely that you're the type of person who totally defies labels. Good for you!

If you are into something, it's because you sincerely love it. Not because it projects a certain image.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What A Weekend .

Last weekend was pretty full and Sunday began with a visit to a superb , bread , wine and cheese festival in a small local town . Whoever thinks the country side is dull should try here ! There was a strong harvest theme with old working threshers and tractors. Fascinating to watch .The stalls were many and extremely varied . Breads of all kinds ,cakes , sweets such as nougat ,plus wine enough to sail a fleet .I found a sensational red and, as you'll see the bottle was just right for a foxy lady. Smoked sheep's cheese and snail plus mushroom pastries saw a rather 'full Miss V' staggering back . Not before she had been snapped , most appropriately infront of the bouncy pig.
ps) Look who I spotted today over in Chambon . With what one could call a nose for the grape.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More to Miss Vixen Than Fur !

Two things have kept me both busy and fascinated this summer. The first is discovering that making ice cream is an extremely creative and satisfying activity. [If it were possible to offer readers a taste of of my achievements , I can safely say you would not be disappointed ]
The second is painting . I refer to the use of water colours . Skylines, sunsets and scenery have provided a wealth of colours , forms and atmosphere. Both Windows and Apple enable me to share my efforts in this area with you . Room for improvement , of course , but I for one am happy . The last time I did such was at grammar school . France is a much nicer studio and classroom.
ps) firefox and safari users may well think I am a trifle lax in the layout of this posting .. Not so .. Tis the none geekish way of Blogspot to pander to Internet Explorer and for some reason therefore what appears as a correct positioning to me isn't to some .Have tried all sorts to remedy this but to no avail .. Sorry .

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spotted in France.

Froggy may have gone a courtin- uh-huh , but these two Foxy Ladies went a shoppin - uh huh..

Monday, September 08, 2008

True Dignity Deserves Recognition

As many of you will know both from previous posts and the Orange Campaign , I'm in contact with a remarkable Tibetan lady who,like many others lives in exile in northern India . Last week I received an email from her. The following is part of it. Her quiet dignity touched me . I couldn't help but compare this with the all too often hysterical hysteria we in the west react with. Are we really going to allow the UN , EU etc , to lapse back into total indifference to the occupation of Tibet by China . Imagine if each person took time out once a week to mail their President , Prime Minister demanding action,and ,we all keep doing such until the day it happened .Not a big deal and even with a global recession I'm sure all could afford a weekly card and stamp.Try it .Let's start a card campaign and deluge the desks of power. :-

"Well... Yes, the big thing is over!! For few days.... China this and China that...this record and that record broken.... for the time being everybody seems to have forgotten about the host country's record breaking performance in their human rights and the record rate of execution!!! It is all a bit scary... Isn't it?? I am not at all being disrespectful to the athletes... I mean they are as you say professionals... they got to do what they got to do, right?? As much as I knew it was impossible, I watched the Olympics... in case I miss something somebody does on TV... ie. to show some kind of resistence.... Wishful thinking.. huh?? I mean.. the only sort of response from China is "internal matter" I mean does it justify everything they do....But I did read somewhere about Rafael Nadal's orange headband!!! "

ps ) I asked my contact's permission to use this .. She agreed .. Can we agreee to unite in support ? Make Monday your mailing day's

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Miss Vixen sees Saumur .

Last weekend was spent in Saumur , a lovely spot in the Loire region. Famous for it's vineyards , sunflowers , and, for the chateau seen above . Built in the XIV century it stands majestically on a hill overlooking the town and the river . Another feature of Saumur is the troglodyte houses which it seems are now much sought after desirable dwelling places . All mentioned can be seen in the collage, plus two of myself . In one I'm comparing my Chilango with a much bigger chain , in the other , what else -- yes another snowstorm . Yet another present ! Who's a lucky Miss V ?

Darling , I don't love you at all !

Not much of a man are you Mr D ? Your ridiculous statement could well prove to be ,the executioner of the pound .

Foreign investors are shunning it as world confidence vanishes .Then as like as not many residents of UK will be pulling their savings out of building societies thereby creating a run , thus more mortage chaos.

Two sayings spring to mind :-

"discretion is the better part of valour " .... you have none ,so let's move on .

" actions speak louder than words " ... you could have insisted on restricting mortgages , Put an end to the inflated prices of homes .

Given the rather greedy British public a breakdown of just what it is costing them per day to keep troops in Iraq and Afghanistan .Then asked do they still wish to say yes , we want them there . I would doubt it .

The bottom line is the whole world is in a mess due to Blair being so eager to invade Iraq years back . Few made any attempt to stop him .

We are suffering now as Iraq , the worlds 2nd largest producer of oil is .
As if the the hammering and misery inflicted upon it by US and UK were not enough they remain occupied , infiltrated and in ruins .

To cap it all the US is now very keen to begin action against Iran ! Another country with oil .. In the words of that song ....

When will they ever learn ?"

My final words to you Darling are as follows :-

"You are little better than a traitor ."

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Orange Orange,Still.Alive.

Please do try and look at the following from The Orange Campaign .
It's a very objective account of the action taken to draw attention to the abuse of human rights in relation to the most inappropriately hosted Olympic Games ever . Plus ,those fickle fellows of the media get some mention. Important point to all ,Orange will be kept as a symbol and all are encouraged not to forget Tibet . I for one would like to invite you to view us a team .A team going for Gold . Our gold being the rights of all Tibetans and that the Dalai Llama be recognized .One never wins by giving up !

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All Creatures Great and Small.

When each day brings so much to see it's best viewed as Nature's Lottery and yes, I just keep winning .Actually anyone can ,if, that is ,they keep their eyes open.
A bat has been successfully 'captured' on cam and today a young eagle was spotted sunning himself on a bridge. He allowed this photo to be taken minus zoom. Yes, right beside him. Later, sitting by a lake what should swoop down but the heron you see. Across the water scudded water boatmen,and above darted dragonflies. Don't know what you think but in all of these creatures lies the beauty of our planet . That shiny black beetle looked like jet . Simply beautiful !

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mrs Tiggy-Winkle in France .......?

A brief encounter between Ms V and Mrs Tiggy-Winkle .... maybe ?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Return Of The Cabbage Patch Doll.

Whoever could have visualized such a chic creation ? Or is it a question of going green ?

To tell the truth it's neither,but believe me when I say this really is a case of 'truth being stranger than fiction .'

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Let Him Who Is Without Sin .....

This has to be the joke of the week , if not the year !
His ' Holiness and Righteousness ,G W Bush is planning to go on air and take Russia to task for invading it's neighbour. Seems our George deems such an act to be "completely unacceptable to the free nations of the world".
Sorry George , your invasion of Iraq , based as it was on lies , fabrications and greed, renders you the very last person to condemn this atrocity . Come on Bible Boy , remember those words, " Let him who is without sin cast the first stone "
So G W B roughly translated by a somewhat down to earth Mancunian female ,that means , " shut it ."

ps) Hey George, note you enjoyed your freebie time in China minus one word to those Tibet occupying Chinese ! A selective coward as well eh ?

Friday, August 15, 2008

No Regrets---- Not For Miss Vixen .

Today Evaux Les Bains had a fantastic festival ...Antiques, bric a brac , flea market , call it what you like . The entire town was buzzing and alive . Music , food , wine , all kinds of bread and cakes , each street provided more . Paradise for yours truly . Here's a funny little collage in which I was tempted by yet another bike ! Hmm rustic or rusty ? In my hand is a delightful little spice jar ,a present from the lady you see me pictured with . It's not often one gets to speak German here but she was fluent in ´'Deutsch and English '. Staying way out in the country a real chamber pot was a crazy must get .So I got ! As for the little video .This guy was Mr Happy Plus . So much so he even granted my wish by playing 'No Regrets ' . I have none for joining in with singing. My voice is hardly akin to that of 'The Little Sparrow ' . So it's , Little Vix signing off with 'Non je ne regrette rien.....'

ps ) I was given yet another present ... A book all about Saint Bernadette.

You see , each day is full of miracles , if we but look .

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Sound Of Moo-sic.

After the wonders of Lourdes I'm back on a bike and training . Way off my former standard but getting there. The circuit is through wonderful countryside where many fields have herds of creamy white cows , special to this region . Yesterday I stopped to imitate them and make a sort of 'moosical aria ' . The result was spectacular . Some herds actually galloped to get to me . At each field they came and jostled for front row places . Maybe the EU will find a place for 'a cow whisperer' .
Meanwhile this is Vache donna Vixen signing off---- my fan club is waiting .

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Sunshine Of My Life.

We all need sunshine in our lives and here you see mine. Sunflowers , huge yet graceful and a colour that can lift my spirits no matter what . Yesterday coming back from Charroux field after field of these amazing flowers was seen and my joy was complete .

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Wonder Which Is Lourdes.

If you've read earlier posts you’ll be aware that I recently suffered a very bad accident . This left me extremely immobile and with some nasty bone damage to my left knee. Thus it was , last Saturday ,with a degree of fear and trepidation I left Limoges on a special train bound for Lourdes .
This was organized by the diocese of Limoges . Five hundred participants all French and no English speakers .Guess who is hopeless in French ! At first it wasn't easy but one adapts and the beautiful part of the Catholic faith is that it is Universal . I’ll be honest I was seeking a miracle and am happy tell you I was blessed with such . In Lourdes , each day brought more improvement. Look at the collage and you'll spot the differences . It’s all to easy to knock Christianity since it’s such a passive believe. In Lourdes there is a wealth of love, joy , humanity and faith . This, as we are aware moves mountains .

ps ) Lourdes is open to all irrespective of their beliefs . Tolerance at it's best .

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why Is An Honourable Man Deemed Strange ?

Of late I feel absolutely disgusted with the British public, media , and many British politicians .

Since coming to power Gordon Brown has certainly had some bad luck with almost 'plague like happenings '. Numerous agricultural catastrophes, floods , knife crime , revelations of Tony the Far from Divine and his ghastly partner Sister Cherri of the Grab All , Gab All , to name but a few . The market crash which has resulted in a weakened pound is linked to a policy of hold hands with the USA plus squander in Iraq .[ a place we should never have gone ] Who took us ? Why ....Tony the Far from Divine and his gungho pal George of The Litany of Lies .

So when I read that Brown is now expected to be replaced as he appears , behaves and looks strange I am livid . For me, here is a man who is absolutely normal. None of that insincere toothy grin with sickly smooth voice ..Hallelujah Say I.

Mr Brown would do well to hold two positions, PM and Chancellor . Also retaliate but what stops him here could be attributed to the fact that he is a genuine person ,worthy of his title The Right Honourable . How sad that such decency is no longer vogue ..................I'm no longer sure that Britain rules the waves . More a case of sinking under them .

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An ABC Of Music .. Well Almost.

In spite of my restricted movement ,this last weekend found me taken to several fantastic musical events .
As one who resides in Berlin ,where culture is nonstop, I have to report that the same can be said of here. Yes here in the very middle of France where fields and animals appear to outnumber humans .Read the local papers and what do you discover but a plethora of events .
On Thursday in Toulx-Sainte-Crox there was a harpsichord concert held in the tiniest church ever . Encores were very much in demand and the soloist Etienne Leuridan obliged .Brilliant.
Friday there was an entire evening of music and fun in the delightful village of Saint Fargeol. Click on this link to witness some of the talent.[Album for 25th]
With good food and wine it proved fantastic and went on until 2am !
Then on the Saturday off again to an accordion concert in Boussac where an amazing young French man ,one Alexandre Peigne delighted a packed church with a programme of classical works . Here you see him with a fabulous Russian accordion . Afterwards there was a super little party held in a nearby hall .
TV who needs it ? Therapy for injured knees .. Excellent .

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tour de France leg 19 .2008

My leg may be out of action but look at these guys and theirs ! Sitting on the kerb gave me a beetles eye view...Neris-les-Bains never looked so good . More later .

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Send In The Clowns !

I've always loved the words to this song but over the years some of them have acquired a deeper meaning .... Yours truly is forever making her' entrance again ', and with amazing flair . Put simply I am, an accident , waiting to happen .
After a seemingly 'free period' things were to change. On Friday there I was having a great time skinny dipping in the moonlight , Sunday, Russian dancing . Add to this lots of cycling and walking . Then Monday came and with it the most spectacular fall ,down stairs onto a stone tiled floor. Worthy of a stunt woman . So now I have a superb, swollen left knee which is all shades of blue , a suspect broken rib and a chipped right shoulder . Add to this the sensation I've just done several rounds with a prize fighter and you'll get the picture.
But it isn't only the Phoenix who rose from the ashes .. Miss Vixen can and will. After all, there are boots to wear, trekking plans to see through and so much more . I hit rock bottom with an almighty bang . After seeing stars I'm back on my way up .
Note ] Any tips on how best to deal with severe bruising will be welcome . Have tried sliced onion . Effective ,but smelling like a burger is simply not my style ......

Friday, July 18, 2008

Oradour -sur -Glane

This slide show is a record of a visit made yesterday . After watching it , ask yourself , why is this this sort of atrocity still happening all over our world.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Really Is Offensive In Christianity ?

Simple answer as far as I'm concerned :-
The Archbishop of Canterbury .
It's time this , 'I want to look like John the Baptist ' figure be removed from office . His comments are next to being insane and extremely inflammatory .
Mr Williams , take note . NOBODY in Islam would live very long after similar critic of that faith .Also the crusades were a very long time ago . Life goes on . Or Mr Williams do you delight in attempting to be trendy , not to mention trying to manufacture a religious holocaust ?

Ms Vixen Sings A Song .

* A few of my favourite things in France .[ apologies to Julie Andrews]

Partridge a wandering , all over the roads ,
Lizards that dart in front of your toes ,
Horses and herons to name but two
Then don't forget those shy coypu .
Bats at sundown a flitting through trees
Frogs croaky chorus broadcast on the breeze
Hedgehogs that stumble across your path
Hares making yet another mad dash

Lot's of donkeys ,lot's of cows ,many bright wild flowers
With so much to see in any one day..
There simply aren't enough hours .

Hardly a master work I know ... But truly this place is very much 'alive .' The cats in the collage are ferrel .Each day there are numerous birds of prey to be seen , but my tiny camera can't do justice to such . At sundown, bats flit amongst the trees then suddenly swoop around in circles. They, like the hedgehog , who trundle along in the dark are very difficult on capture on disc . I haven't given up though !