Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alternative Pie - (Indeed rather fishy )

This delicious offering was created just for yours truly today--- A fish pie par excellence. Made by a wandering Viking ,not only did it have my mouth watering ,but it meant I had to consume a helping of 'humble pie ' . I simply failed to believe that any weird Nordic type could produce such a work . Served with green beans it earned 2 Michelin stars . Trust me , I am one fussy foxy lady but second helpings were called for here . Yummy .Should any one want the recipe just get in touch .
A few of the ingredients to tempt you :-´
fish[ varied] 700g, leeks, chives, onion, creme fraiche , 8 quails eggs[ boiled], fish stock ,butter,
emmenthal cheese and puff pastry for topping .

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