Sunday, November 09, 2008

BP Gives You Energy


No this isn't a posting for British Petroleum ..but rather a recipe for a healthy dessert with a difference .
Beetroot Ice cream served with Pomegranate seeds ! Simply delicious and I could, if requested, provide testimonials.
Take two small cartons of soya cuisine and whisk well . Add honey ( clear ). Cinnamon to taste .Mix well.
To this mixture add two precooked beetroots ,well pulped to a puree. . Whisk again , adding sugar to taste .
You wont need much as beetroots are naturally sweet. Pour into a container and freeze. Or ,into an ice cream maker ,following maker's instructions .
Serve with fresh pomegranate seeds . The photograph gives you some idea of what a colourful dish this is .
NB) Many people have a lactose intolerance and ice cream made using soya is ideal for overcoming this dilemma .
It requires no cooking and no eggs are used . Good for those with high cholesterol.
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