Thursday, October 23, 2008

Snot Green Sea and More .

Last Thursday was a special day. Excitement knew no limits when, (just as I was leaving for the airport ), a brand new camera arrived to replace that which had 'died' in France . It felt good to be going back to Ireland with a camera worthy of the name .

The above collage shows :-
Top L-R Sunday's amazing rainbow arched over the famous snot green sea,then a shot through a sculpture with a difference 'the Mothership, 'at Sandycove .One superb piece of graffiti.
Middle L-R the entrance of the National Concert Hall, More graffiti , James Joyce/ Martello Tower.
Lower L-R Guinness brewery, Guinness Brewery , Arriving Dublin .

Saturday night and The Bankers Comedy Club. Dublin has many as there is a lot of talent . Above the collage a sign which says it all . On each side of this gem, two really funny comedians.

L---Kevin Gildea , R---Derek Ryan.

Hope you enjoy this little video of Derek Ryan who used my cam to take this last picture of the audience .Interesting to see how we look to performers .


Anonymous said...


can´t believe you managed to go for a visit on the green island? I hope you feel good.

Good luck for your journey.


miss_vixen said...

why thank you ... I did go and yes, do feel good .. sea and Guinness +x factor works wonders