Monday, October 06, 2008

Calling All Skype Users

Oh how funny , how true to form. As the song goes , 'when will they ever learn?'
I refer to our comrades in China .. where else ? Not content with abusing human rights and getting away with it .[IOC take note ] .they are now infiltrating Skype with illegal software . I advise all of you to go to this link :-
Read it and then, if like me, you like to use skype, feel free to use the limerick I've composed especially for THEM. Send to a friend whilst online-- That should have their 'keywords spyware' bleeping . Don't know about you ,but I 'm really sick and tired of the Big Brother creeps of this world . My communications are private . Harmless as well. Having an opinion is not an offence . Real education encourages such . Brainwashing seeks to eradicate . Which do you choose ?

A very old man in Tibet ,
Got his feet incredibly wet ,
Then his coat which was silk ,
Was covered in milk....
Not good for the man in Tibet .

In order to get himself dry ,
He jumped up as high as the sky,
This didn't win gold .As by then the milk mould
Had caused our poor man to die .

So my friends from now on take note ,
Have no nasty milk on your coat ,
Keep you feet nice and dry , Stay away from the sky
And then you're not likely to croak .

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