Monday, September 29, 2008

Goodbye Summer , Goodbye France .

This is being written enroute back to Berlin . Summer came , was, and went .
Now here we are in Autumn with all the lovely things this season has to offer .
Meanwhile here are some of the ‘ last’ images from France .Final bacon sarnie , last shot of a bat departing a musical rendition given by myself and a guitarist (is this a bad review or a case of overwhelmed ) Bat watching proved an intriguing pastime . The inside of the local church . Never open now ,save for funerals . A pity but France has too few priests . There is also a tribute entitled ‘bye bye birdie’. The birds of prey in this region are spectacular and abundant .Thanks to zero use of pesticides and lethal chemicals . Off to mass and then horror of horrors , the last dregs from a foxy bottle . Too special to throw away ,this bottle will be converted into a lampshade . Kitch , maybe, but on dark nights its light may serve to remind me of long, sunny, summer days full of madness . Life is too short to miss such

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