Monday, September 08, 2008

True Dignity Deserves Recognition

As many of you will know both from previous posts and the Orange Campaign , I'm in contact with a remarkable Tibetan lady who,like many others lives in exile in northern India . Last week I received an email from her. The following is part of it. Her quiet dignity touched me . I couldn't help but compare this with the all too often hysterical hysteria we in the west react with. Are we really going to allow the UN , EU etc , to lapse back into total indifference to the occupation of Tibet by China . Imagine if each person took time out once a week to mail their President , Prime Minister demanding action,and ,we all keep doing such until the day it happened .Not a big deal and even with a global recession I'm sure all could afford a weekly card and stamp.Try it .Let's start a card campaign and deluge the desks of power. :-

"Well... Yes, the big thing is over!! For few days.... China this and China that...this record and that record broken.... for the time being everybody seems to have forgotten about the host country's record breaking performance in their human rights and the record rate of execution!!! It is all a bit scary... Isn't it?? I am not at all being disrespectful to the athletes... I mean they are as you say professionals... they got to do what they got to do, right?? As much as I knew it was impossible, I watched the Olympics... in case I miss something somebody does on TV... ie. to show some kind of resistence.... Wishful thinking.. huh?? I mean.. the only sort of response from China is "internal matter" I mean does it justify everything they do....But I did read somewhere about Rafael Nadal's orange headband!!! "

ps ) I asked my contact's permission to use this .. She agreed .. Can we agreee to unite in support ? Make Monday your mailing day's

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