Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Ripping Good Time In Lourdes

Last weekend I travelled back to Lourdes . It was just as before :-
busy yet peaceful , spiritual yet fun, multicultural yet united, a veritable tower of Babel in fact .
Someone I know summed it up when they said ," if you didn't know Lourdes was a shrine and place of pilgrimage you would think you were in a first rate place for fun. " Indeed one is, as the humanity plus common purpose unite crowds in a mystical way. Adventure too was my lot . Late on the Friday night I and others found ourselves locked in the Grotto Sanctuary .Pretty hilarious stuff .It ended up with us scaling some high railings .Fortunately a very strong Sir Galahad was in our midst and he helped heave us safely to the other side .Not though before my pants got caught and ripped . In the collage you'll see shots of the spot .( taken the next day ) No I didn't do a full action replay . On the Sunday we travelled way up the Pyrenees via the funicular.For the views , the caves , the restaurant this is well worth it . Then for a second visit to City St Pierre .
The weather was warm and all in all it was a wonderful weekend break . So ok, my pants got torn .
Well the English do speak of having a ripping good time ! Only this time it wasn't lashings and lashings of ginger beer ... Guess what instead ..
ps) I've no idea why clothes hang on the fence .Maybe others followed us .

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