Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Darling , I don't love you at all !

Not much of a man are you Mr D ? Your ridiculous statement could well prove to be ,the executioner of the pound .

Foreign investors are shunning it as world confidence vanishes .Then as like as not many residents of UK will be pulling their savings out of building societies thereby creating a run , thus more mortage chaos.

Two sayings spring to mind :-

"discretion is the better part of valour " .... you have none ,so let's move on .

" actions speak louder than words " ... you could have insisted on restricting mortgages , Put an end to the inflated prices of homes .

Given the rather greedy British public a breakdown of just what it is costing them per day to keep troops in Iraq and Afghanistan .Then asked do they still wish to say yes , we want them there . I would doubt it .

The bottom line is the whole world is in a mess due to Blair being so eager to invade Iraq years back . Few made any attempt to stop him .

We are suffering now as Iraq , the worlds 2nd largest producer of oil is .
As if the the hammering and misery inflicted upon it by US and UK were not enough they remain occupied , infiltrated and in ruins .

To cap it all the US is now very keen to begin action against Iran ! Another country with oil .. In the words of that song ....

When will they ever learn ?"

My final words to you Darling are as follows :-

"You are little better than a traitor ."

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