Monday, September 15, 2008

What A Weekend .

Last weekend was pretty full and Sunday began with a visit to a superb , bread , wine and cheese festival in a small local town . Whoever thinks the country side is dull should try here ! There was a strong harvest theme with old working threshers and tractors. Fascinating to watch .The stalls were many and extremely varied . Breads of all kinds ,cakes , sweets such as nougat ,plus wine enough to sail a fleet .I found a sensational red and, as you'll see the bottle was just right for a foxy lady. Smoked sheep's cheese and snail plus mushroom pastries saw a rather 'full Miss V' staggering back . Not before she had been snapped , most appropriately infront of the bouncy pig.
ps) Look who I spotted today over in Chambon . With what one could call a nose for the grape.

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